WSOP Event #45: JC Alvarado running good

wsop2009_thn.gifIt's always good to be dealt pocket aces, but it's much better when you have an opponent willing to get in a pre-flop raising war with you.

Team PokerStars Mexico Pro JC Alvarado was in that happy position a few moments ago when Chino Rheem could not let go of his jacks pre-flop and all his money went in. The board ran dry, eliminating Rheem while the PokerStars man soared to 225,000.


JC Alvarado

Alvarado is enjoying his table. Not only is he now sitting in the top ten with 53 left, but he has struck up a bit of banter with David "The Dragon" Pham on his right which is keeping them both amused.

Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Rousso was up to more than 105,000 but then lost a big pot when she had Q♦9♦ on a Q♣J♦7♦ flop but could not overtake Alex Kamberis' A♠Q♣.

The last woman standing in this $10,000 Pot Limit Hold'em World Championship, she was looking for a double up, and re-raised Bryn Kenney all-in with A♥Q♥, meaning a classic race with his 4♠4♣. An ace was the first card on the flop - and Rousso stayed ahead for the rest of the board. She's back up to 67,000 but still considered one of the shorter stacks.

ElkY is finding life tough on his table. He called a raise only for Isaac Haxton to come over the top, forcing the Frenchman and the original raiser to get out of the way. ElkY is looking a little frustrated, but he still has 110,000 to play with.