WSOP Event #45: Two ladies, one pair of queens

wsop2009_thn.gifVanessa Rousso sits silently in the small blind. Wearing dark glasses, she doesn't move a muscle. It's folded around to her and she counts out 7,200 and pushes them out to the middle in place of her 1,200 blind. It amounts to a 4,800 raise of Kathy Liebert's big blind.

Unlike the Team PokerStars Pro, Liebert has been animated all afternoon, chatting away to the table as if the matter at hand, day two of the WSOP $10,000 Pot Limit Hold'em World Championship, was an irrelevance. Now she, too, fell silent as she surveyed Rousso's raise, then looked at her two cards. She liked them, counting out chips ready for a re-raise not a call.


Vanessa Rousso and Kathy Liebert

She settled on re-raising by another 12,400, forcing Rousso, who before the hand was up to over 100,000, into the tank. "How many more do you have?" she asked Liebert, who then studiously counted them out... it was about 40,000.

Rousso didn't like that. "I may fold. Will you show me if I fold?" No response. "Will you show me?" she asked again as she motioned to fold. This time Liebert nodded, and as Rousso announced fold, Liebert turned over the ladies, Q♥Q♣. Rousso nodded in approvement - of Liebert's hand and her own fold, she showed A♦8♠.

So a relatively narrow escape in a battle of the blinds. A little earlier, Rousso had raked in a nice pot when she and three others called a 6,000 bet pre-flop. The dealer put out 5♥5♠4♣ and the original raiser put out a 13,000 continuation bet. It's folded around to Rousso who doesn't take long to decide on a re-raise - a healthy pile of orange 5,000 chips are tossed into the middle. It's good enough to scoop the lot.

There are 69 of the 275 starters still left in the event, and as well as Rousso we have four other PokerStars players in ElkY, Florian Langmann, JC Alvarado and Bill Chen chasing the 27 cash spots. The winner takes home $633,335.



By a quirk of fate three of these players have similar stacks of around 70,000, as did ElkY until he just won a big pot to take him up to 140,000.

On a board of 4♦Q♥8♥J♦2♦, and with 40,000 or so already in the pot, ElkY tried his luck with another bet of 30,000 - called by Jeremy Rafalowicz, who was somewhat disappointed to see the Frenchman turn over K♦6♦ for the flush.