WSOP Event #49: Bloody day in HORSE field

wsop2009_thn.gifIf today's $50,000 HORSE event had been a thoroughbred race, you would have heard a lot of gunfire at the end and seen a lot of trucks heading for the glue factory.

You could get a feel for how things were going simply by reading some of the Team PokerStars Pro's Twitter feeds.

Barry Greenstein: "This is getting serious, seriously bad."

Daniel Negreanu: "I feel like I'm being dealt out. I hardly ever get a hand you could consider playing. Frustrated and in need of a rush."

Barry Greenstein: "A good table and bad cards is not a good recipe. "

Daniel Negreanu: "I got completely tortured. From 200k to 0 without winning any hands at all."

EV49_Day 2_IJG_3863_IMPDI.jpg

Negreanu couldn't find an ounce of luck and was eliminated midway through the evening.

Greenstein, for his part, managed to survive the day but not without a lot of pain. It looked like he might succumb in the last level of the night, but had a good last level to move up to a better-than-average 284,000.

EV49_Day 2_IJG_3906_IMPDI.jpg

Friend of PokerStars Bill Chen actually looked like he might be eliminated near the end of the evening, but then went on a mad rush in the last hour to finish at 324,000.

Team PokerStars Pro Alex Kravchenko had a tough day. He survived, but is near the bottom of the field with 80,000 at day's end.

As we mentioned earlier in the afternoon, Greg Raymer reported that his day, in a word, "Sucks."

His description was a far cry from the optimism he'd shown earlier in the afternoon when he spoke to the PokerStars video blog team.

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Raymer's Day 2 started badly and ended worse. He never got above his 123,000 start and was first of the Team to be eliminated.

Chad Brown, too, began the day as a man with ambition.

"My goal today is to survive today," Brown said as he walked into the Rio. He explained more in this interview.

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Brown, like Raymer, couldn't get any traction and was eliminated midway through the evening.

With 53 players remaining, we are still a long way from the 16 players who will get paid. We can only hope tomorrow isn't as tough for the Team as today.

Photos by Joe Giron/IMPDI Worldwide

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