WSOP Event #52: Triple chance triple threat

wsop2009_thn.gifIf you are a frequent reader of the PokerStars Blog, you might have noticed we have started referring to a more people as Team PokerStars Pro than we used to. That's because many countries have started forming their own regional Team Pro chapters. I like to think of it like this: There's the Hell's Angels, and then there are the Hell's Angels from Bakersfield, Laughlin, and the like--except there is a lot less fighting with chains and knives. And no motorcycles. You get the idea.

Today's Day 2 of the $3,000 No Limit Hold'em Triple Chance event saw two such Regional Team Pros and one old school member. The latter, Johnny Lodden, needs no introduction. The Norwegian Nightmare has been crushing tournaments live and online for many, many years. At this hour, he's nursing a short stack as the tournament creeps toward the bubble.

EV52_Day 2_IJG_4233_IMPDI.jpg

One table away sits Christian De Leon. The Team PokerStars Mexico Pro was a familiar face on the Latin American Poker Tour this year. He first popped up on our radar at the PCA this year when he made it to the final three tables and cashed for $45,000. Today he is looking for some early double up in an effort to push toward the final table.

EV52_Day 2_IJG_4239_IMPDI.jpg

And finally...finally there is Sandra Naujoks. The woman from Germany won EPT Dortmund in the last season of the European Poker Tour for near 1 million euros. The graphic designer and model has since become a sensation on the poker curcuit. And, well, we'll be perfectly honest here...she went busto a little while ago. But, come on, we have the picture here, so it would be a waste to not use it. Right? Right?

EV52_Day 2_IJG_4223_IMPDI.jpg

The remaining players are currently on break, but will be coming back soon to work on bursting the bubble--something we sort of feel like happened when Naujoks left the building.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker