WSOP Event #6: Daniel Negreanu busts in 10th for $36,267

wsop2009_thn.gifThings can change quickly in poker, even when the game is 7-card Stud, and Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu found that to his cost today. Starting with just 11 left in the $10,000 World Championship event, he has busted on the final table bubble in tenth, cashing for $36,267.

Before play started, he told us that Stud was a game where being short did not matter so much, so long as you made your move with decent hands. Starting with 191,000, well below avergage (although he said he never bothered comparing himself with the average in Stud) , he was soon out after those hands went bad.

He lost two of them back-to-back sending him down to 35,000, then the fatal third a short while later. He got it all in with Tim Phan, but ended up with just a pair of tens to Phan's pair of kings, which became three kings on the river.


Negreanu is all in, and sees the bad news...


... then sees his chips disappear

Negreanu now plans to play the $2,500 Pot Limit Omaha/Hold'em No Limit mix later today.

All photos © Joe Giron, IMPDI