WSOP Event #6: Daniel Negreanu makes last 11 of $10K Stud

wsop2009_thn.gifHe already has four WSOP bracelets to his name, but now Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu is homing in on number five after reaching the final 11 players of the $10,000 World Championship 7-card Stud.

They say the greatest poker players are those that master a wide spread of games, and Negreanu has certainly proved that by winning his bracelets in Hold'em (pot limit and limit) and the mixed game S.H.O.E.

But there's another skill the best players must have - not to panic when things get bad, but to regroup. That is exactly what the Canadian has done today, the second day of this event which attracted a super-strong field of 142. At one point he was down to below 20,000 when the average was more than four times that, but he made his move at the right times to set off on a dizzying spin-up that at its peak saw him second in chips with 25 left in the event.

The nature of Stud means the tournament has been something of a slog. It took nearly four hours before we lost the first of the 142 players yesterday - and we had hoped to make the final table tonight until proceedings were brought to a halt at 3am. So although the first prize of $373,744 will not be the biggest payout at this year's WSOP, it will have been one of the toughest to get hold of.


Daniel Negreanu

It certainly got tough for Negreanu when, with 16 players left, there was a new table draw. He was put on by far the most tricky table, pitting him against the likes of then chip leader Max Pescatori, Mel Judah, Jeff Lisandro, Greg Mueller and Hasan Habib.

Down to 11, with the likes of Judah gone, Negreanu was low in chips and only a couple of bad hands away from the rail. But he fought on, and took a sizeable pot off Greg Mueller when he made aces against his fellow Candian's queens.

That helped him to bag up 191,000 at the close of play, bringing an end to an epic day's work. Chip leader is Eric Drache on 785,000 followed by Hasan Habib on 593,000. The full chip counts can be found here.

Early in the day we lost Katja Thater, then Alex Kravchenko. The other Team PokerStars Pro in the day two field, Chad Brown, was looking good for a cash until he departed in 25th place.

We'll be back in less than ten hours, after a brief nap, for the last bustouts before the final table is set. Here's hoping we'll witness Negreanu make it bracelet number five.

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