WSOP Event #6: Man down... at last

wsop2009_thn.gifWe may have mentioned that Stud can be an action game. Well that's certainly true if you're in a hand with draws and options-a-plenty and the chance to bet all the way to seventh street. But if you're out of the hand it can get rather, well, slow. And, as it's a limit form of poker, the stacks don't rise and fall in the hair-raising manner of no limit or pot-limit events.

That will explain why after level four (yes, that's four hours of play) we have lost only one player. Just one. Compare that to the start of today's $1,500 Pot Limit Omaha event, where an incredible 600 out of little more than 800 starters bust in the first six hours! Or the day ones of the $1,000 no limit event (now on the combined day 2), where a player was busting every 5.5 seconds. I kid you not.

Still, the 141 still remaining in the Stud, now off on a dinner break, have plenty of time to get lost in their own little world as time goes by.

Here's a look at what the Team PokerStars Pros in the mix were up to when I just toured the room:

Daniel Negreanu (24,500): Talking. No surprise there.


Daniel Negreanu

Barry Greenstein (20,000): Looking like he's about to nod off.


Barry Greenstein

Katja Thater (40,000): Drinking a coffee then coming up to stroke this blogger's hair. Which was nice.


Katja Thater

Dario Minieri (21,000): Listening to music on rather large headphones.

Bill Chen (34,000): Tapping away on his mobile phone.


Bill Chen

Greg Raymer (15,500): Watching Phil Ivey getting what looks like a full-body massage.

Alex Kravchenko (37,000): Laughing (yes, it's true) with Tony G, Howard Lederer and Chris Ferguson.

Chad Brown (36,000): Sitting quietly. And doing quite a bit of folding (though to be fair, his stack says he hasn't been folding for long).


Chad Brown

All photos © Joe Giron, IMPDI