WSOP Event #10: Ben Kang bites the desert dust

wsop2009_thn.gifBenjamin Kang is possibly the tallest player anywhere in the Rio today. Taller even than Hevad Khan - and he's a bit of a giant himself. But while Khan has a high tower of chips in the $2,500 Pot Limit Hold'em/Omaha, Kang found himelf short.... and now out.

The Team PokerStars Germany Pro had been in confident mood when we caught up with him a short while before his fateful end....

"Pot limit Omaha is my game," he said. "So in this event I tend to play a lot of the Omaha hands because that's where I feel I have an edge, and then I tend to play much fewer Hold'em hands.

"For example in this event, I think I must have busted ten players on the Omaha rounds, but not in Hold'em."


Benjamin Kang

That was all well and good, but now the German is stalking the rail. Where did it all go wrong?

"Well I lost a huge pot when I had trips with an ace kicker and the guy made a full house on the turn. That left me short, down to about six big blinds, and I'm in the blinds so I push with A-3-5-7 suited, but the guy next to me calls with A-Q-Q-J and hits an ace and a jack on the flop. And that was that!"

Kang, who has more than $400,000 in tournament cashes to his name, will not add to that today, busting as he did about 20 places short of the money.

Still in this event, however, are Team PokerStars Pros ElkY, looking strong on 80,000, Daniel Negreanu on 55,000, Greg Raymer on 31,000 and Hevad Khan - currently second in chips with 144,000. We're looking good for another batch of PokerStars cashes.


Daniel Negreanu and ElkY share the felt

STOP PRESS: Greg Raymer is wandering out of the tournament room, and there are no chips at his seat. In fact, someone else is sitting there already. The Fossilman is out.