WSOP Event #9: Bill Chen's brain

wsop2009_thn.gifBill Chen's brain is whirring. You can almost hear it computing his every move, which it does with clinical precision because Chen is something of a math wizard. It's what makes his poker game so good - where others might call or fold at the wrong time, Chen knows when the time is right.

He's playing the $1,500 Six-Handed No Limit Hold'em today, the day 2, and his grey matter is having to work overtime. Starting out with 68,700, he soon found himself in a bit of touble, losing 30,000 of that.

"I lost a few, but I've still got enough to play with," he said.


Bill Chen

Next hand he is in the small blind. The cut-off makes a standard raise and the button calls. The brain kicks into action again, and tells Chen he should call. He does, and the big blind comes along too.

The flop is J♠K♣[10h] and they all check. The turn is A♥ and this time, first to act, Chen puts out a pile of orange 5,000 chips and it's enough to take the pot.

He's still got work to do to catch up with the leaders, though, where David Fox currently has 270,000.

But with two bracelets aleady under his belt, he and his brain know what to do.

STOP PRESS: Bill Chen is out! But it's not all bad news for the Friend of PokerStars player - he's jumped straight into the first day of the $10,000 World Champion Mixed event. Good luck there, Bill!