WSOP Main Event: A champion's run

wsop2009_thn.gifIt's been said that any donkey can win the World Series of Poker, and we'll admit, there have been cases of people winning the WSOP and never being heard from again. But it's not been too long since we saw two champions make remarkable runs through WSOP Main Event fields the very year after they won.

The most notable, of course, was Greg Raymer's near-historic run in 2005. As everyone knows, Raymer plowed through the 2004 WSOP field to win his Main Event bracelet and then went on the next year to place 25th out of 5,619.

That happened to be the year Joe Hachem got the sugar passed to him and won his $7.5 million. Hachem came back the very next year an proved he, too, was no flash in the pan. He made a deep run through the 2006 Main Event, placing 238th out of 8,773.

No Main Event champion since has cashed in a subsequent WSOP championship event. Until this year.

As you're well aware, Peter Eastgate took down the big one last year. Now, he's deep in this year's Main Event and has become the first champion since Hachem to make back-to-back deep runs.

Of course, we can't mention Eastgate's back-to-back without offering a proper tip of the hat to Hachem, too, because he's still around as well. In fact, the two champions are sitting right beside each other today.

Main Event_Day 6_IJG_8027_IMPDI.jpg

We're still waiting to see who will amaze us more this year--the champion from Australia or the champion from Denmark. Since they could very easily cannibalize each other this afternoon, we thought it might be fun to take a look at three Team PokerStars Pro champions as an above-the-fold...RIDICULOUS STATISTIC OF THE HOUR:


Number of players outlasted during Main Event Championhip run and subsequent cashing years

Greg Raymer (2004, 2005): 8,169

Joe Hachem (2005, 2006, 2009 thus far): 20,500

Peter Eastgate (2008, 2009 thus far): 13,191


While Hachem holds the record for outlasting the biggest number of players, Greg Raymer currently holds the distinction of making the deepest run in the year following a championship.

With fewer than 150 players remaining in this year's Main Event, Eastgate still has a chance to break that record.

We could go on like this for a while, so we'll stop before we go too far with the stats (too late, I realize).

Bottom line: Hachem and Eastgate are still in the Main Event and that's pretty damned awesome.

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Number of former EPT champions still in the field: 2 (Noah Boeken and Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier)

Number of former EPT champions eliminated today: 1 (Salvatore Bonavena)


In a line on table 38: Dennis Phillips, Nasr El Nasr, JC Tran, Joe Hachem, Peter Eastgate.


PokerStars qualifier Bryan Kerr from Barrington, Il. We caught up with Kerr on his day one, and he's been plugging away at the Main Event ever since. He is now $40,288 richer. Congratulations from all at PokerStars Blog.


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