WSOP Main Event: Another round with ElkY

wsop2009_thn.gifLet's kick off today with "A Round With...", the latest in an occasional series featuring the nitty-gritty action from a complete round of poker action from a single table. The Team PokerStars Pro Betrand "ElkY" Grospellier described his day four as his "worst day ever", even though he finished it with close to 1.2 million in chips. He had felt, however, that things hadn't gone all his way and was glad when proceedings were brought to a premature close.

After a redraw today, he found himself on the feature table, alongside the well-known pros Jeff Schulman, Andy Black and Rolf Slotboom. All players were on time and action got underway instantly. On the basis of the first round and a half, ElkY might be fearing that today could even surpass yesterday in the worse-ness stakes. Here's how it played out.

The table line up, with accurate chip stacks, was as follows:

Seat one - Francois Balmigere - 394,000
Seat two - Randy Propson - 598,000
Seat three - Jeff Schulman - 314,000
Seat four - Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier - 1,253,000
Seat five - Rolf Slotboom - 225,000
Seat six - Andy Black - 374,000
Seat seven - Patterson Tyler - 1,168,000
Seat eight - Tim Kahlmeyer - 840,000
Seat nine - Scott Buller - 138,000

These are the first 14 hands of the day, in level 18, with blinds of 4,000-8,000 (1,000 ante)

Main Event_Day 5_IJ3_1157_IMPDI.jpg

Hand one - ElkY under-the-gun plus one
With Jeff Schulman under-the-gun and Randy Propson in the big blind, Schulman gets involved early. He raises to 24,000 and it's folded all the way round.

Hand two - ElkY under-the-gun
ElkY folds and Scott Buller raises to 24,000 from the button. That's good enough for the blinds and antes.

Hand three - ElkY in the big blind
It's folded to Randy Propson on the button and he raises to 25,000. In the big blind, ElkY reraises to 73,000 and Propson announces all in, for another 600,000 approximately. ElkY folds.

Hand four - ElkY in the small blind
Patterson Tyler raises to 21,000 and everyone folds.

Hand five - ElkY on the button
Randy Propson opens with a raise of 25,000 and ElkY call on the button. They're heads up to the first flop of the day. It comes 3♣4♠Q♣ and Propson fires 37,000. ElkY folds. He's yet to win a pot.

Hand six - ElkY in the cut-off
Jeff Schulman raises to 25,000 and that's good enough.

Hand seven - ElkY mid-position
It's folded around to Patterson Tyler's small blind. He raises to 25,000 and wins the other bling, plus a few antes.

Hand eight - ElkY mid-position
Again it's folded to the small blind, where Tim Kahlmeyer pays the extra 4,000 to make up the big. Scott Buller raises to 23,000 and Kahlmeyer folds.

Hand nine - ElkY early position
It's folded to Andy Black, who raises to 25,000, attacking Scott Buller's big blind. He defends it with an all-in shove, for 143,000 more. "I'll need some help here," says Black. "Tell me something. Where are you from?" It's unclear whether Buller replies, and what Black can discern from it if he does, but he ends up calling. He tables A♥J♦ and he's up against Buller's A♠K♥ and there's no help for the Irishman on the board of 4♦2♦9♠2♥8♥. Buller doubles up.

Hand ten - ElkY under-the-gun plus one
As in the first round, Jeff Schulman opens the pot from under the gun, making it 25,000, and he wins.

Hand 11 - ElkY under-the-gun
ElkY folds, but then there's three players to the flop -- the button and both blinds. The flop is A♣6♠8♣ and Propson bets 13,000. It's good.

Hand 12 - ElkY in big blind
Patterson Tyler raises to 21,000, Scott Buller calls, as do both the blinds. The flop comes 7♠2♣J♠ which is checked in two spots before Tyler bets 50,000. Fold, fold, fold.

Hand 13 - ElkY in small blind
Ratterson Tyler opens to 21,000 and everyone folds.

Hand 14 - ElkY on button
Tim Kahlmeyer opens the pot from early position, raising to 21,000. Scott Buller reraises to 76,000 and it's folded to ElkY's button. He re-re-raises to 177,000 and after Kahlmeyer folds, Buller snap-shoves all in, which ElkY insta-calls. Buller tables K♣K♦ and ElkY has A♥A♣ and it seems for all the world as though a tough round for ElkY is going to end with a huge pot, rendering Buller's comeback irrelevant. Buller's all in is for 249,000 and the flop suggests it will be going to ElkY. It comes: Q♦[10d]3♥. But the gasps of the crowd tell the story when the turn is revealed.

Main Event_Day 5_IJG_7748_IMPDI.jpg

ElkY looks away as a king is dealt to crack his aces

It's the K♣ and although ElkY now has any ace or any jack to win, it doesn't appear. The river is the 2♦ and ElkY is forced to count the cost of aces cracked by kings in the first level.

That concludes this "A Round With...", and it was a bad one for the Team PokerStars Pro. Compared with the dominant showing of two days ago, ElkY had none of it his way this time. He was beaten into pots, either by Jeff Schulman to his immediate left, or by the sizeable stack of Patterson Tyler, and then when he found a hand, he ran bad. He's now dipped below the 1,000,000 mark and faces a true test to stave off tilt and to build up confidence yet again.

* * * * *


Number of simultaneous all-ins within a four-table radius: 4

* * * * *


Thierry van den Berg's Q♣Q♦ against Q♥9♥ all-in pre-flop after the board ran out K♥A♣6♠6♥.......T♠

* * * * *


Starting with 500,000 at the beginning of the day, Team PokerStars Pro Noah Boeken is off to a hot start and up to more than 90,000. The run started when his big slick held up against A♣9♣. The second was a little tougher. He opened with Q♦9♦ and got a call. He and his opponent both checked the J-9-6 flop.  A seven came on the turn and Boeken fired 45,000 at it. He got the call. On the river, a five, Boeken check called a 55,000 bet.

"I knew he didn't have an eight. I thought it might be something like queen-ten."

Boeken was close. It was K-T, no good against Boeken's pair.

* * * * *


Banana--as eaten by Team PokerStars Pro Dennis Phillips who declares he is now doing "much better."  

* * * * *


"Blueberry or bran?" --Unknown person tending to Lou Diamond Phillips

* * * * *


Main Event_Day 5_IJ3_1148_IMPDI.jpg

The Dennis Phillips clones assemble to support their man through day five