WSOP Main Event: Freeroll to the big dance

wsop2009_thn.gifDion Jones was in for a raise and looking at a board with a couple of aces on it. When he put a bet in on the river and got a call, it looked as if he wasn't entirely satisfied with the result.

"Nines," he said with a slightly defeated tone in his voice.

What Jones may not have known at the moment is that he had just danced his way through a mini-minefield and come out with a win.

His opponent's face fell. "Nines are good."

Jones smiled and raked his chips, "I didn't want to see ace-deuce or something."

Main Event_Day 1B_IJG_5107_IMPDI.jpg

Jones probably should've known he could maneuver his way to victory. The man in the three seat at Table 22 is pretty light on his feet. Don't believe us? Check out the video we found a couple of minutes ago.

That's our man with the nines doing a little tango with one of his students. Jones owns a ballroom dance studio down in the Sunshine State.

It's becoming apparent to us that Jones' grace on the dance floor may very well translate to his poker play. A few weeks back Jones managed to place in the top two players of a 460 Frequent Player Point satellite to the 200 Seat mega satellite PokerStars ran for the World Series. The very next day, the dances instructor sat down and played for several hours and walked away with his Main Event package.

"So far, this is a freeroll," he said.

With one level to go in the night, it looks like Jones may very well dance his way to Day 2. We'll hope for his sake, it's not the last tango in Vegas.

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"When I was a kid I cried when Clubber Lang knocked out Rocky. Get em' Balboa!!! Beat that chump!" -- @RealKidPoker in the middle of an Independence Day "Rocky" marathon on his day off.


An all-in call announced by the dealer that nearly gave Alexey "Baileal" Poypov a heart attack. "False alarm, false alarm, false alarm" said the dealer in some hurried back tracking, the same move the TV crew was making, halting their advance. It was only false for a few seconds though. On the board of J♣[10c]6♦3♠ Poypov did in fact get his money in and found a caller. His pocket tens doubling him up against pocket kings. The dealer called over the cameras but had cried wolf once too often. Instead Poypov got it quietly.


"Apparently he was from Jersey and he was quite drunk." --Anonymous media representitive reporting on the much talked about tale of a player getting up and walking out with his chips...and not returning.


Main Event_Day 1B_IJG_5048_IMPDI.jpg

Resting on the rail


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