WSOP Main Event: Friends of the PokerStars Blog

wsop2009_thn.gifThere are so many Teams and Friends these days, it's hard to keep track of them all. There's the Team PokerStars Pro we all know and love. There's the recently-formed Friends of PokerStars, folks like Jason Alexander, Gualter Salles, and the like. There's Team PokerStars Blog, the few of us who write our missives here and who fully intend to take down (or accidentally sleep through) the WSOP Media Event this week.

And then there are those people who have been longtime Friends of the Pokerstars Blog. These are the folks with whom we have traveled, written, drank, and chatted over, lo, these many years. They are our friends, our colleagues, and people we're happily watching compete in Day 1C of the 2009 WSOP.

Among these people is John Caldwell, the one time rock and roll manager turned PokerNews editor turned co-host of PokerRoad's "The Poker Beat." There are few people more respected in the poker industry and Caldwell's leadership is largely responsible for how poker journalism looks today. We met Caldwell back in 2005 in Deauville, France and have been friends ever since. It was then we learned he was no slouch as a poker player, either. This year, free from the daily responsibilities of herding poker reporters in the Amazon Room, Caldwell is using a PokerStars satellite win to play in Day 1C. We checked in on him just a bit ago and found him sitting with what seemed really close to his starting stack.

"Just wasting my time," he quipped.

Main Event_Day 1C_IJG_5255_IMPDI.jpg

Sitting just a few feet away from us on media row is one Terrence Chan. By now, Chan needs little introduction. The one-time PokerStars employee turned big time poker pro is now a brand name of his own in the poker world who you can find on circuits all over the world (not to mention in some of PokerStars highest stakes games). Chan's running pretty well this afternoon. As he mentioned on his Twitter account at the last break, he's up to 63,000. "About as well as one can hope for without coolering someone," he said.

Main Event_Day 1C_IJG_5191_IMPDI.jpg

Finally, there's an anonymous Friend of the PokerStars Blog who some folks may have seen us cover before. He goes by the name Blue Rabbit and we've been all over the place with our man. If you know the name, you'll be happy to know he's still alive heading toward the dinner break.

We're obviously paid to do more than report on our friends. Fortunately, we have a pretty solid argument. Our friends also happen to be damned good poker players.

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"Hi Mom!" --@Maridu, obviously needing to refocus her efforts somewhere other than familial greetings.


On an ace-king-ten flop Tristan Wade, from Florida, mucked ace-king facing a 10,000 bet. After folding his opponent showed queen-jack.


Main Event_Day 1C_IJ3_0534_IMPDI.jpg

Birdseye view of Maridu and Joe Hachem facing off


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