WSOP Main Event: No rest on day seven...


A few days ago I stumbled upon one of those snippets of World Series wisdom which came from a Portuguese player who had come to the World Series many times. Slightly kooky but true nonetheless, it went something along the lines of the shorter the queue for the bathroom the better you're doing. The logic being there aren't the players anymore and you don't have to line up for as long.

Well they'll be no line today. You can pee freely without fear of an uncomfortable waiting, because today there are just 64 players left from what was once a field of thousands, eight tables separated by wide open spaces and not the six inches of leg room we had just a week ago. That fact along with the bathroom, are two of your indicators of success.
There's also the money. Having worked through 121 players yesterday, making for a steady drip of eliminations, each player is now guaranteed $90,344, after one more that jumps to $108,047, a long way from the six figure prize they have in mind but less bitter than the alternative.

Main Event_Day 7_IJG_8427_IMPDI.jpgDennis Phillips unbagging his chips

One last indicator to advancement is the bio sheet players are being asked to fill in. After working your way through a field of thousands, getting down to this few a number, the viewing public now want to know who the hell you are; how you came to be here, what your plans are, what your story is. It's the stuff the TV commentators will be reading from a few months from now, talking about you like an old friend from college. Don't worry too much about making it good, the TV people will take care of that somehow.

One man with plenty of experience of the media spotlight and the intensity of main event poker at this stage is Team PokerStars Pro Dennis Phillips. Conqueror of all but two players last November, Phillips now bids to make the cast of a second November Nine. Eastgate came close yesterday; can Phillips go a step nearer today?

Phillips is one of 11 PokerStars players here today, each of them suitably chipped to cause some damage and keep the winning spirit alive. Up to the close of play yesterday PokerStars has had 101 cashes totalling $3,292,637, from 906 players who played under the PokerStars flag. They made up 14 per cent of the field then. As for now that's up to 17 per cent of the one per cent left.

Day seven is about to start with blinds at 25,000-50,000 and a 5,000 ante. We could make some remark about resting on the seventh day but this event gets better as each day passes. Rest is out of the question, but get that bathroom break out of the way now.