WSOP Main Event: No spirit horse in sight as Phillips continues charge


You might know Lou Diamond Phillips as Richie Valens. You might know Lou Diamond Phillips as Jose Chavez. You might know him as Staff Sergeant John Monfriez or as the Monster in the Mirror. Or you may simply prefer to know him as Lou Diamond Phillips, winner of the latest series of I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! But to eight players sitting at his table Phillips is the guy with all the chips and showing no sign of giving any away.

Phillips' acting career has spanned more than two decades and his face is one that's instantly recognisable to millions around the world. But poker, as well as acting, is in Phillip's blood, playing often at the Commerce in Los Angeles as well as appearing on the World Poker Tour and TV poker shows. While this may be his first main event, work commitments keeping him away years previous, he has played other World Series tournaments and while yet to cash is no celebrity pushover. Well you can have a try, but you'll need a stack larger than his 350,000 one to have any chance.

Main Event_Day 3_IJG_7119_IMPDI.jpg

Phillips has played the waiting game so far, knowing full well that with two hour levels and a lot of chips there's no need to gamble unnecessarily. Instead remain calm, there's still a long way to go. Unlike some former members of this dwindling field it has been a lesson well employed. Earlier in the afternoon Phillips took a knock, one that cost him 100,000, but a patient and solid approach has fuelled an almost casual looking comeback.

Phillips is a picture of this same image. Wearing an open neck purple shirt and porkpie hat, he chews gum incessantly, occasionally sips a cup of coffee and when involved in a hand delivers his chips to the middle with a flick of the wrist, a signature flourish. His two other distinguishing features are a pair of reading glasses, worn to play a hand, removed when not, and a unique card protector, a picture of President Obama on a silver spinning top.

Whatever his plan it's working. Sitting comfortably with 320,000 before the break Phillips has added another 30K since then. He won I'm a Celebrity... he's yet to be voted out of the World Series.

* La Bamba
** Young Guns
*** Courage Under Fire
**** Sesame Street Celebrity Special

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"200k at dinner break day 3" --
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