WSOP Main Event: Sartorially speaking

wsop2009_thn.gifLet's be honest. Poker players do not spring from a tradition of style. Sure, you have Amarillo Slim and his rattlesnake cap and a few other notables of poker's past, but by and large, poker players are a bunch of slobs. They're unshaven, sweatpants-wearing, and, as long as we're being frank, tend to smell.

From such ranks, then, it's a bit surprising to find several players in day 2B who give a bit more care to how they put themselves together.

Take, for instance, Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier. The one-time video game pro used to be (and we're pretty sure he would admit this) a bit of a slouch. Chubby, unkempt, and generally carefree, ElkY went through many years of his life without caring much how he looked. Fast forward to 2008 when he lost a ton of weight (for money, of course). Then next thing we knew, ElkY was rolling in new duds, with a new haircut, and with new shades.

Not for nothing, the new style coincided with a winning streak that is still ongoing. An EPT win, a WPT win, several deep WCOOP runs, all of it resulting in millions of dollars worth of victories.

What's more ElkY is prospering in Day 2A and is looking like a strong candidate for Day 3. He's currently sitting around 260,000.

Main Event_Day 2B_IJG_6437_IMPDI.jpg

Across this wide and vast Amazon room, we see many more examples of this sartorial elegance. Photographer Joe Giron has captured photos of at least three other Team Pros who are playing in style today. Here's a quick look at the players and how they are doing in Day 2A.

Main Event_Day 2B_IJG_6395_IMPDI.jpg

Thierry van den Berg --

Main Event_Day 2B_IJG_6445_IMPDI.jpg

Chad Brown -- 20,000

Main Event_Day 2B_IJG_6418_IMPDI.jpg

Noah Boeken -- 150,000

This is all a long way of saying that attention to one's style might have a little more to do with the game than we previously realized. Or, in the words of the venerable Fernando Lamas, "It is better to look good than to feel good!"

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ElkY is on fire and up to approximately 260,000. Most recently he was seen cutting out eight orange chips, four yellow chip and four black chips, totaling 44,400 and shooting them at a board of 6♥2♠6♣8♥K♠. His sole opponent pondered and then made the call, showing K♥8♦ for top two pair. It wasn't good. ElkY had 8♦6♦ for the full house and another decent pot slid his way.


Main Event_Day 2B_IJG_6499_IMPDI.jpg


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