WSOP Main Event: Senter at the center of the poker action

wsop2009_thn.gifKent Senter is a 55-year old father of four from Pittsburgh, PA. Eighteen months ago, Senter was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, also known as Jimmy Valvano disease, and doctors expected him to live for another six months to two years.

He had previously hurt his shoulder before moving to Pittsburgh in 2007 and although at the time doctors suspected it might have been cancer, Senter saw three other physicians and the leading orthopedic oncologist at the University of Pittsburg Medical Hospital who all told him he was cancer free. Over the next year the pain worsened and Senter could barely bend his body or walk. Even then, he and his family assumed he had bad arthritis as he was then employed as the zone manager for a major store, where his job entailed unloading the entire tractor-trailer of products every night by himself.

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Kent Senter

In March, Senter was hit in the back when a freight fell on his truck and crushed him. The doctors order an MRI and only then discovered that he had multiple myeloma, with tumors on his spine and skeleton. Senter still had no complaints and continued his career to support to support his family. The day before the cancer was discovered, Senter's employers cut his job back from a salaried manager to an hourly department manager and he lost 20% of his disability pay. Kent's wish is to take care of his family and donate whatever he can to the Jimmy V Foundation and the Multiple Myleoma Foundation.

He took his seat on day 1c of the World Series of Poker Main Event, and is still going strong passed the dinner break. We wish him and his family all the very best and the continued support of all at PokerStars.