WSOP Main Event: Six figures, good and bad

wsop2009_thn.gifAs of this moment, the remaining players in the 2009 World Series of Poker are guaranteed $178,000. For some people, that's more money than they make in two, three, even four years of work. For a lot of poker players, that's a decent yearly nut. For everyone playing right now, it's the minimum they'll make and they are going to be disappointed to only cash for that amount (especially when they are fighting for more than $8 million).

It's all relative, though.

If you're Dennis Phillips and won $4.5 million in last year's World Series of Poker busting in 45th place as he did just a few minutes ago is not going to be anywhere near satisfying. The $178,000 he cashed for isn't pocket change but it's close. His ace-king suited versus ace-king suited battle that turned into a spade for his opponent sent him out several tables short of where he'd hope to land.

Main Event_Day 7_IJG_8638_IMPDI.jpg

Phillips, stung

Phillips, despite his obvious disappointment, was all smiles and had dozens of people chasing him all over the Amazon room for pictures and interviews. Afterward, he was a fount of optimism. "I have fun at the table and they pay me to do it," he said. "I think I played great poker. I really do. Maybe next year we'll for a trifecta of getting into the top 50."

Main Event_Day 7_IJG_8625_IMPDI.jpg

While Phillips' cash may not have been a monster for him, it's something entirely different for PokerStars qualifier Manuel Labandeira who busted in the very next place.

For, Labandeira, this not only his biggest-ever cash. It also triples triples his lifetime live tournament winnings. Before Labandeira came here, he'd won $87,000 in total, the biggest coming in a $34,000 Main Event cash in 2006. Now he's walking out of here with an extra $178,000.

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We have now entered level 28 with blinds at 40,000-80,000 (5,000 ante). There are 43 players remaining, with another 16 players to be eliminated before the day is done.


Adam York of the UK just busted off the feature table and out of the event.


Players with bigger day seven starting stacks outlasted by Manuel Labandeira and his short stack: 19


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