WSOP Main Event: The squeaky wheel

wsop2009_thn.gifIf Brazilian Team PokerStars Pro Maria Mayrinck is quiet, you know something is wrong. And not just kinda wrong. If she's quiet, suspect the worst (like, maybe she's not breathing).

A couple of days ago, Mayrinck bemoaned her table draw. It put her at the same table as champion Joe Hachem. The ESPN cameras were hovering all day long...unless Mayrinck won a pot.

"No ESPN!" she cried. "They only film me if I lose."

Today, Mayrinck learned that she must be careful what she asks for. Upon walking into the Rio this afternoon, she discovered she is sitting on the secondary feature table. That means, as long as she is playing today, she will be on the mic, under the lights, and on camera.

Main Event_Day 2B_IJG_6252_IMPDI.jpg

Of course, ending up at that table meant she would be sitting with some serious notables, not the least of which are last year's third place finisher Dennis Phillips and online kingpin Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi.

"Pile on the pressure," she said.

Mayrinck spent her time off since Day 1 gnawing on king crab legs and doing yoga. Now, she's getting the TV time she wanted, but not necessarily how she wanted it.

In early action today, Phillips trapped her with aces and knocked her down to less than 15,000.

"For what it's worth," she said, "Dennis played his aces really well and I tried to be a hero."

It wouldn't be long, though, before she managed to get back to 30 when she took ace-jack up against king-queen.

"Dunno how I held!" she said.

She still has a ways to go if she wants to come out of Day 2 looking good.

If yesterday is any indication, however, all she has to do is ask and she'll get what she wants.

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Vanessa Russo is gone. Her seat opposite her Team PokerStars Pro colleague Andre Akkari is now empty, leaving Akkari the opportunity to Tweet: "vanessa caiu, ak x 44 gg". Rousso's own Tweet will no doubt be upcoming momentarily.


Big hand for Marlon Wayans, pushing him up to about 50,000. The actor/comedian was one of three players looking at a flop of [10d]4♣9♣ and one player bet from early position, another bumped it up to 2,800, Wayans called, as did the original bettor. The turn was the 8♠, the first player checked and Wayans threw out two orange chips, a 10,000 bet. After a massive dwell, the first player announced he was all in, for scarcely more than Wayans' bet. The other player got out the way and Wayans made a routine
call. He showed Q♣J♥, his opponent showed 6♦7♦ and the bigger straight prevailed. "ESPN cameras are your friend," added a table-mate, referring to the television crew who recorded it all for posterity.


"I have a mountain to climb." -- Gualter Salles looks down at 12,000 in chips.


"I said, 'Why don't you believe me? I only ever tell the truth.'" -- Poker player David Saab. That's poker player David Saab.


Main Event_Day 2B_IJG_6278_IMPDI.jpg

Humberto Brenes survives his all-in

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