WSOP Main Event: The sticking place

wsop2009_thn.gif"Screw your courage to the sticking-place, and we'll not fail." -- Lady MacBeth

Okay, Mojo-Hawks, get ready to blast away. Starting Day 5 soon. "Tie your courage to the sticking place and lay on..." -- Lou Diamond Phillips, via Twitter, just before the start of Day 5.

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen to the sticking place, the point at the Amazon Room where a resolute spirit can take you far and flopping the nuts can take you farther. We return today for Day 5 with just a few more than 400 players still remaining in what was once 6,494 starting field. Seventy-eight PokerStars players are getting ready to take their seats in a re-modeled ballroom.

We came out of yesterday with Joe Hachem, Peter Eastgate, Noah Boeken, ElkY, Ben Kang, Thierry van den Berg, and Lou Diamond Phillips as our most recognized players in the field. The story of the day, however, was PokerStars qualifier Matt Affleck's surge to the top of the pack.

Main Event_Day 4_IJG_7615_IMPDI.jpg

Today, the 46 tables are spread out over three-quarters of the room. Reporters and TV production crews have a wide berth for their work, and the players will have room to toil and scream. Everybody is in the money now, so the prize for survival is bigger money and a chance to come back again on Monday.

Our stories may not be Shakespearean, but we have some important threads on which to keep an eye today. (Imagine this in a deep local television news tease voice).

  • Can Matt Affleck take his Day 4 chip lead and make it bigger on Day 5
  • Will ElkY find a way to rebound from what he called his "worst day ever" and re-take the chip lead?
  • Can Lou Diamond Phillips continue to amaze?
  • Will Keith Lehr keep his glass eye in his head?
  • Today, players are going to play for five levels or down to 175 players, whichever comes first. The button starts in seat #9 with 4,000/8,000/1,000 blinds.

    And we're off.

    Brad Willis
    @BradWillis in World Series of Poker