WSOP Main Event: The winner is here somewhere


We've seen the winner of this year's World Series Main Event. They've walked past us several times, we've walked past them while they playing hands at their table. We've even passed them at the break walking up and down the corridors of the Rio. But right now we don't exactly know what they look like.

We're in to day 2 and we've seen everybody. No more day ones, the field can only get smaller now. Its just a case of figuring out which one of the survivors is 'the one'.

Main Event_Day 1A_IJ3_0315_IMPDI.jpg

Did they qualify online or did they buy in themselves? Did they check the back of every sofa, every desk draw and tap every relative to scrape the buy-in together? And when they got it were they thinking of buying that second hand corvette instead? Or did they pay using casino chips?

Did they play day 1a, 1b, 1c or 1d? What time did they turn up that day? Did they hang around for an hour, eyeing their seat from the Amazon Room door, checking it out for good omens? Did they turn up with ten minutes to spare? Five minutes? Or did they waltz in escorted by one hundred women in togas two hours late?

Did they bring a lucky charm or a picture of their kids? Did they arrive with a made for TV story already planned out in their head or did they expect to bust out within a couple of levels? Did they sleep well the night before?

Did they bring their wife, husband, kids, friends with them? Were they sitting in the Amazon Room, the Brasilia or Miranda rooms, or were they up by the casino?

Did they unpack a bag of supplies? Did they eat the free beef jerky or just throw it on the floor under their chair? Did they bring sunglasses and an iPod, maybe a cowboy hat, baseball cap or Native American battle dress? Did they play a hand in the first level or perform solid tight folding until the dinner break?

Did they talk to the guy sitting next to them and wish good luck to the old lady two seats along or did they keep their distance? Can they remember who announced "shuffle up and deal?" - the Sasquatch, Doyle Brunson, Congressman Barny Frank, or Norman Chad and Lorn Michaels? Or did they blank all that out?

Did they have a supporter on the rail waiting in sickness and in health the ten hours it took to learn their fate? Or were they out shopping, getting regular text updates? Did they Twitter every hand or scribble it down on a scrap of paper? Did they recognise anyone at their table? Did they think they'd seen that guy on TV before or was it just a guy wearing a novelty hat?

Did they finish the day up or down? Did they think they'd done well? Did they sleep well the night after? Did they head to a card room on their day off and are they now convinced they're going to win?

Right now we don't know any of this and won't know until a week tomorrow. But we have seen them. It's time for day two.



Today's official count - 1,476 players will start day 2a. This is level five with blinds at 200-400 with a 50 running ante.