WSOP Main Event: Two face

wsop2009_thn.gifElkY is a television superhero, both hero and villain at the same time.

ElkY belongs on television. Platinum blonde hair, sequined shirt, glittering leather arm band, designer sunglasses. He's the full package. What's more, he's an action player who gives the TV producers everything they need for a full broadcast.

You'll find him at his worst when he slips into the role of the Sad Clown.

Main Event_Day 5_IJG_7752_IMPDI.jpg

It happened today when he ran kings into aces in early action. Enter the sad-faced, despondent, depressed, looking-like-someone-shaved-his-dog ElkY. It was roundly agreed, ElkY, the Day 3 chip leader, was now miserable. It's a miserable ElkY's with a face that could launch a thousand Lex Luthors.

With good fortune, though, comes a new ElkY. As the afternoon wore on, he managed to turn 400,000 into 1.4 million, thanks in large part to a pair of aces holding up all-in. That's the thing about ElkY. No one ever believes he could possibly have a hand. With the holdings he shows, no player could conceive of a dealer giving ElkY the rockets.

And, thus, we have ElkY the Happy Clown again.

Main Event_Day 5_IJG_7869_IMPDI.jpg

"How many times have you had aces today?"

That's the question the newest member of ElkY's table asks with a wry grin. It's a familiar man who sits down on ElkY's left at the ESPN featured table. He's no superhero, but he's made-for-tv as well. He's the dashing leading man, the Bruce Wayne to ElkY's Batman.

It is one 2005 WSOP Champion Joe Hachem.

Main Event_Day 5_IJG_7889_IMPDI.jpg

Hachem's day has been a grind, but when he sits down, he's ready to be in action. It's 18,000 more to him in his big blind and he makes the call in the three-way pot. The fans at the final table see the A♦8♥Q♥ flop. Hachem checks, as does the next player, but then it's 75,000 to the Team PokerStars Pro from Australia. He makes the call, only to be check-raised. He's now facing an all-in bet for 154,000 more. Hachem makes the call with J♥9♥. Up against a set of queens, Hachem needs a ten or a heart that doesn't pair the board. He misses twice and is knocked down to the sub-400,000 level. It's a dangerous place, but Hachem can grind.

Stay tuned to your local TV guide. We're hoping ElkY and Hachem do a buddy/road movie in 2010.

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Tian Shou from Australia is up to 2.2 million. American Grayson Ramage has 1.6 million.

About 60 feet - The distance Peter Eastgate is prepared to wander to visit friends on other tables between hands.


Number of players who played the main event dressed as a Native American: 1

Number of players still in the main event dressed as a Native American: 0

Number of former main event players dressed as a Native American currently performing magic tricks in the hall: 1


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