WSOP Main Event: Until November

wsop2009_thn.gifUntil November, this is the biggest day of the poker year so far. Until November, these 27 players are under the most intense pressure of any World Series competitors of the year. Until November, we will see today the biggest pots of the World Series year. Until November, the focus of the poker world has never been so intense. Until November.

Today is the day that 27 players will try to become the New November Nine. Last year's experiment of playing the World Series Main Event final table a full three months after the bulk of the tournament is being repeated, and so until November, this is the final day of the 2009 World Series. The target is that date in the fall -- survive today's play and you will be back to play for the multi-millions. Each player remaining is guaranteed a quarter million bucks, but the winner of this thing is looking at close to nine million, and the championship bracelet.

While that winner won't be decided today, you have to be in it to win it. And that means grinding through what could be a very long day of nervous energy and tension.

Main Event_Day 8_IJ3_1277_IMPDI.jpg

The view across the Amazon Room today

Media in the Amazon Room now outnumber players, and the press room has overspilled into the area where previously there were tables of action. Monitors have sprung up to display the action to railbirds and reporters alike, and yet still vast areas of this hangar are empty and dark.

Expect further description, photos and action throughout the day. We will be here until the close, even if that means tomorrow. Or November.