November Nine fever sated by

wsop2010_thn.jpgBy the standard of modern poker media, we are the jaded vets, so we shouldn't be the least bit excited about the upcoming November Nine showdown in Las Vegas. This will be the third time Howard Swains and I have covered the November Nine and the sixth time we've covered the Main Event final table. But, damned if we haven't been exchanging emails, flight information, and such in advance of November 6th's face-off in the desert. Now, Swains is the type of guy who isn't excited by much. I'm much the same, but every time I sit down to write on the PokerStars Blog, I think, "Is it time to go to Vegas yet?"

Fortunately, I have the fine folks over at to keep me in check until I make it to the Rio two weeks from today.

You might have read our bit yesterday about how November Nine chip leader Jonathan Duhamel has been handling himself since the break for the final table. To hear how he did it day by day, check out this interview from EPT London.

That was Duhamel after he'd had a couple of months rest. It's fun to see how glassy-eyed and tired he was the day after he made the final table. For that, check out this interview.

Of course, we're also fascinated by Jason Senti, both because we're still learning to pronounce his name (it's CENT-eye, in case you were wondering), and because he is the low-stacked player at the table. In the coming days, we'll have a full interview with Senti. In the meantime, here's an interview from with the man shortly after he made the 2010 WSOP final table.

And so, that's what we're watching today. Keep your eyes peeled here tomorrow for a special WSOP-related contest in which you can win a seat to the 2010 PokerStars Caribbean adventure.


Brad Willis
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