WSOP Diary Day 17: An apology

wsop2010_thn.jpgAlong with many other media outlets, we may have given the impression in earlier reports (and on Twitter, in the bars etc) that England was going to whip the USA's backside in the soccer World Cup. We may have implied victory was certain given that we (I'm English, obviously) invented the game, have mega-star striker Wayne Rooney on top form and are far superior to our trans-Atlantic cousins in every area of the pitch. Some readers may have been left with the distinct understanding that it was only a matter of how many goals England would win by. We have been asked to point out that these reports were misleading. We apologize.

While we always strive to be accurate and fair, we missed one important fact in our earlier reports: Robert 'The Clown' Green is the England goalkeeper.

The match started according to script, with England going one goal up within five minutes. But then that incredible moment that blew this blog's credibility, and that of many other media outlets, out of the water. Green failed to stop a weak, trickling shot that my grandmother could have saved... with her legs tied together and wearing a blindfold.


Robert Green (apologies to United Productions of America)

As punishment for our erroneous reporting, this blog has agreed to pay substantial damages and costs to the 'Center for Broken Sports Bettors Who Trusted PokerStars Blog', a now overflowing establishment in downtown Las Vegas.

We promise never to crow and brag about England again. That would be unforgivable.

* * * *

England is brilliant at poker! We've been whipping everyone here in Las Vegas. The US has never had such a beating in its own back yard.

Whoops, here we go again. But in this case we do have something worth celebrating... three WSOP bracelets so far for England, with Richard Ashby the latest to bag his in the $1,500 7-Card Stud yesterday. He joins James Dempsey and Praz Bansi in this year's poker elite.

The Stud was a pretty tough field. Team PokerStars Pro Pat Pezzin, who seems to be cashing here at the WSOP for fun, made it through to the final, while Alex Kravchenko missed his second final of the Series by a whisker, busting in ninth for a $10,057 cash.


Pat Pezzin

Pezzin, from Canada, has been around for a few years now, but is making a name for himself under the PokerStars colors. He made $16,826 yesterday for his seventh-place finish. He lost an early pot against Christine Pietsch that left him in danger, and he finally crashed in two quick hands. Dan Heimiller had been the aggressor all the way down to seventh street and Pezzin bet. He got two callers and turned over two pair, sixes and sevens. Heimiller mucked, but Richard Ashby turned over two pair, aces and fours to leave the Team Pro on just 20,000. A few hands later Sorel Mizzi completed, Pezzin raised all in, Mizzi called:

Mizzi: J♠[10H]J♦6♣J♥3♠9♦ for trip jacks
Pezzin: A♣6♠6♦9♥2♥K♦[10d] for a pair of sixes

Ashby ($140,467) went on to beat Pietsch ($86,756) heads-up.

There was no joy for Team PokerStars Pro in day two of the $2,500 Limit Hold'em. While ElkY, Noah Boeken, Andre Akkari and Team PokerStars Online's George Lind had hopes of at least making the money, none got there.


Noah Boeken

In day one of the $10,000 Omaha Hi-Low Split-8 or Better Championship, a big group of Team Pros gathered. Of the 212 starters, 154 made it through to day 2, including George Danzer - who came third in the $10K Lowball a few days back - on 91,700, Kravchenko (78,100), Barry Greenstein (49,800), Pezzin (23,600) and Chad Brown (12,900). Top of the pops overnight is Eugene Katchalov with 123,200.


George Danzer

Yesterday was also the starter for another huge $1,000 No Limit event. This drew an impressive 1,931 players. To get a feeling for how big these events are, see our previous coverage here and here.

Of the masses, 290 got through to day 2, with Team PokerStars Pro Arnaud Mattern in good shape with 39,950 and Veronica Dabul from Argentina on 33,400. Today's day 1B promises another bumper turnout.

Good luck to all PokerStars players taking to the felt today.

* * * *

Tweets of the Day
@VanessaRousso: I have really important things to work on my tan!! :) Hoping the clouds clear soon so I can get some sun and shoot some hoops!

@JasonMercier: Busto 10k o8. Struggling so far this wsop

@RealKidPoker (Daniel Negreanu): Just laid down the best hand for half of a gigantic pot and my head is spinning. One of the weirdest hands ever. Seemed like an easy fold.

and finally...

@aakkari (Andre Akkari): Now the commentator said that the USA goal is a matter of time, i agree, maybe in 10 years...

... quickly followed by...

@aakkari: Lolol Goallllll!!!!

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Thought of the Day
If Robert Green played poker, we'd all be rich

* * * *

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