WSOP Main Event Day 1B: Number crunching

wsop2010_thn.jpgIt's beyond the half-way point of day 1B and everyone is talking about numbers. Will we get more than last year? Won't we get more than last year? Will we get near to 2006? Won't we?

Until registration closes on day 1D, no one will really know. But we can now say, with some degree of certainty, that 1,489 players joined the day 1B field, up more than 50 percent on the same day 12 months ago, when 873 played.

2010 WSOP_Main Event_Day 1B_Joe Giron_JGP6859.jpg

Day 1B field at 2010 WSOP

Let's not get carried away though. That figure - the 873 - carries an asterisk beside it as day 1B in the 2009 renewal fell on July 4. Plenty of people opted for fireworks and god bless America instead of poker - and who can blame them.

However, yesterday we welcomed 1,125 players, meaning 2,614 have passed through the doors of the Amazon and/or Pavilion Rooms so far. With a field that usually swells towards the end - and no issue with space in the enlarged tournament arena - there's a good chance the total number of runners will exceed last year's 6,494.

Here's a few more statistical facts from the World Series:


  • Three of the Top 10 largest events in live poker history have been held at the 2010 WSOP; seven of the largest 15 tournaments also have been held this year
  • Largest event, Event #3 ($1,000 No-Limit Hold'em): 4,345 players
  • Smallest event, Event #19 ($10,000 Deuce to Seven No-Limit Championship): 101 players
  • Largest event prize pool, Event #2 ($50,000 Poker Players Championship): $5,568,000
  • Largest first place prize, Event #2 ($50,000 Poker Players Championship): $1,559,046
  • Average event participation: 1,128 (vs. 2009 average of 961)
  • Total prize money thus far: $113,948,265 (vs. $107,260,976)
  • Youngest winner: Steven Kelly, 21, who won Event #39 ($1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Shootout)
  • Oldest winner: Harold Angle, 78, who won the largest-ever Seniors tournament (3,142 players)
  • Nationalities represented at 2010 WSOP: 107


    1971 WSOP: 6 players, first prize $30,000
    2009 WSOP: 6,494 players, first prize $8,547,044
    2010 WSOP: 2,614 (with two Day 1 flights left to play)

    1982 WSOP: First time a woman won a WSOP bracelet in open event (Vera Richmond)
    2009 WSOP: Last time a woman won a WSOP bracelet in open event (Vanessa Selbst)

    1971 WSOP: First time a player won more than one bracelet in a WSOP (Johnny Moss)
    2010 WSOP: Last time a player won more than one bracelet (Frank Kassela)

    1983 WSOP: First time a future/present Team PokerStars Pro won a WSOP Main Event bracelet (Tom McEvoy)
    2009 WSOP: Last time a future/present Team PokerStars Pro won a WSOP Main Event bracelet (Joe Cada)


    Team PokerStars Pro with most WSOP cashes: Humberto Brenes (55 through 2009)
    Team PokerStars Pro with most bracelets: Tie between Tom McEvoy and Daniel Negreanu (4)

    *With thanks to B.J. Nemeth's Pocket Guide to the WSOP



    Ilya Gorodetskiy is a regular on the European Poker Tour and is normally found behind the microphone providing Russian commentary on EPT live. He has a pragmatic approach to poker, specifically elimination. He's never sour and instead tries to see the fun side - like trying to lasso a horse made of marshmallow: even if you fail it's still fun.

    But Gorodetskiy is experiencing something new this year.

    "I've already busted someone," he said. "Last year I made it to day three but didn't cash. I never pushed all-in, I lost a big pot worth 350,000 when the average was 120,000, and I never called an all-in. This year I've already busted someone. It's a whole new experience."

    A whole new experience for Gorodetskiy, up to more than 75,000 at the dinner break.



    Have you ever wanted to see two Scandinavian skiing champions roller-skiing around the parking lot of a Las Vegas Casino? Thought so. And now you can:



    Players are now back from dinner and they'll play all of level four (two hours) plus half of level five (one hour) and then we'll be done.