WSOP Main Event Day 1C: Same again?


If the idea of day 1C at the World Series of Poker Main Event makes you wonder if you haven't already seen all this before then think again.

It's tempting to assume this is a ground hog moment, and in some ways it is - the same crowds, the same starting chips, the same four and a half levels and a likely trip across the street to the Gold Coast to escape the masses during the dinner break. But that doesn't capture what this really is for the 2,000-plus players who right now are inching their way along the corridors of the Rio towards the Amazon Room - for them it's the place where their dream begins.

2010 WSOP_Main Event_Day 1A_Joe Giron_JGP6324.jpg
The start of day 1C

If you want proof you only need to look at the faces of the PokerStars players on the bus from the Palms to the Rio this morning. Each quiet and contemplative, not talking, just looking across the street to the Rio. Each player has the potential to become a champion but before they fasten that bracelet to their arm there's a long and difficult adventure to endure.

Time to focus, engage the tunnel vision, find your seat and ignore the bustle of the crowds. You can't win this thing today but you can lose it, and while the measure of James Danielson's success yesterday, who led the day 1B field with 201,050, may be a tempting benchmark, a reckless pursuit could make it a long walk back to your hotel room.

So to today; new faces to watch, new hands to play, new leaders to emerge. It's day 1C, but you've never seen anything like it.