WSOP Main Event Day 2B: Glorious summer for Mayor Heitmann


If you believe Jan Heitmann this is his first good summer at the World Series of Poker. After seven World Series the German Team PokerStars Pro is finally getting the results he knows he's capable of and that spirit was summed up a Tweet a few days ago: Ich bin der Bürgermeister von Valuetown.

The success he's having includes winning a re-buy event at the Bellagio Cup last month and reaching the final table of a tournament at the Venetian yesterday - also known as Valuetown - where Heitmann is mayor. Heitmann didn't want to take three days off between day one and two at the main event so instead kept the juices flowing and got stuck into the action on the strip, finishing fifth. It's form he's brought back with him to the Rio.

"I'm playing really, really well," said Heitmann at the colour up. "It's thanks to the final table yesterday. I got in so many hours in so many situations. Today I lost one 80k pot with a two-outer, that was kind of bad, and I didn't like that. But I came back. I started with 84,000, was up to 100,000 then lost a big one. Was down to 50,000 then made my way back to 100,000 and now I'm back down to 84,000. It's like nothing ever happened."

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Jan Heitmann

Regardless of whether it's the Bellagio, the European Poker tour or World Series, Heitmann keeps his plan simple.

"The first plan is always to cash, of course. I'm very happy with my play so far. I haven't played this well, I think ever. The Jan of today would kick all the former Jan's ass.

So what does he put this new energy down to? A semi-final for Germany? Some decent sunshine? No. It's all down to being on the receiving end of a good thrashing.

"I've played with a couple of good players the last couple of weeks, specifically a German guy (Philip Gruissem) who played the $1,000 re-buy Bellagio Cup.

"We played together for a very long time. It was only 45 players but he was really tearing up the room. He was three-betting, four-betting, just playing beautiful poker and I learned a lot by just being at the same table and being (expletive deleted) a couple of times."

A teacher himself to the likes of Boris Becker and Charlotte Roche, Heitmann was not averse to taking on new ideas from someone outplaying him. The effect was obvious.

"I learned a lot from him and I final tabled that thing, dominated it - because he was out," said Heitmann, adding a victory laugh. "Then I final tabled the Venetian last night."

It could all be coming together for Heitmann and with perfect timing.

"I feel like I can see everything at the table."

He's up to 140,000 after taking 30,000 from Layne Flack.



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Top of the Team Pros

Humberto Brenes - 64,000
Jan Heitmann - 140,000
John Duthie - 19,500
Florian Langmann - 218,000
Johnny Lodden - 140,000
Jason Mercier - 130,000
Henrique Pinho - 31,000
Marcello del Grosso - 16,500
Vanessa Rousso - 105,000
Vanessa Selbst - 200,000
William Thorson - 152,000
Matthias de Meulder - 55,000
Anh Van Nguyen - 55,000
George Lind - 47,000
Andre Coimbra - 105,000
Steve Paul - 60,200



Alex Kravchenko



Both from Vanessa Sebst:

#1) "200k AA v AKs all in pre for 180k pot nice life :)"

#2) "160k doubled Travis rice with jj v AQ backraised his squeeze after flatting oh well"



Things tables are arguing about:

#1) How long was the last break? One says 20 minutes. Another says 30. (Correct answer: 30)
#2) When put on the clock, is hand dead upon saying "one" or "zero." (Correct answer: One. TDs don't say zero)