WSOP Main Event Day 3: Missing in action

wsop2010_thn.jpg"The PokerStars party claims another victim."

Those words were heard here just a few minutes ago after photographer Joe Giron returned from his assignment to record an image of 2010 WSOP chip leader David Assouline. Giron is the most capable photographer in this business, so we had no worries he would return with a crisp, well-framed, perfectly composed picture.

What we got was this.


Assouline's empty chair

Now, we have no way of knowing whether Assouline actually went to the PokerStars party last night, but if he didn't, he was one of few people in Las Vegas who didn't show up. Moreover, we have no evidence to suggest Assouline is feeling at all like we are today (which is, if you're curious, about as bad as you'd expect at this point).

With that understood, you should know that we've done this long enough that we could report on a poker tournament from our deathbed. If we were feeling truly lazy, we could fake it from our hotel room bed. We're pros, though, so we've reported for duty.

Assouline, however, has not.

For the first hour of the day, Assouline was seated in the Pavilion Room. Before he ever arrived, his chips had taken a trip down the hall and into the Amazon Room. Assouline didn't make that trip. In fact, it's appearing he hasn't made the trip to the Rio at all.

Assouline, or more accurately, Assouline's seat assignment, began Day 3 of the 2010 WSOP with the chip lead. For whatever reason, he's not yet arrived.

Now, this is the point at which we'd usually start making jokes about hangovers, indiscretion, and the merits of actually showing up for a tournament. However, we have done such a thing in the past only to discover the subject of our ribbing had suffered a death in the family.

As such, we will not (yet) poker fun at Assouline. We won't project our fatigue on him. We will simply wait for him to show up in his seat.

Tournament director Jack Effel predicts the tournament will still have 1,100 people remaining when we finish the day. So, as we're not going to hit the money and Assouline has more than 100 big blinds he can probably not show up today and still make the money tomorrow.

We'll keep you updated on how Assouline's empty seat is doing.



"All spectators, we ask you to now leave the tournament area to allow players to go on their break... no wait, you can stay, come back." - Official on the mic realising he was an hour early for the first break of the day.



Team PokerStars Pro Pieter de Korver playing with his iPad.



Two Atomic Fireballs.



Happy Birthday to Allen Bari, poker player and professional friend of Jason Mercier.



The Team PokerStars Pro Greg DeBora has got off to the perfect start. He flopped a set of jacks and faded a double belly buster outdraw through turn and river. He now has plenty more wriggle room with about 140,000.


Have you ever wanted to see what's inside the PokerStars swag bag? Thought so. Now you can:

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