WSOP Main Event Day 4: The international colours of PokerStars


At the start of play on day four, Team PokerStars Pro - and its associated "Friends" and "Online" divisions - had 16 players left in the Main Event field. That was slightly above an average projection based on the number of entries on day one.

It was a remarkable number, however, when you look at the countries they represented. Although Vanessa Selbst, Jason Mercier, Barry Greenstein and Eric Buchman were carrying the Stars and Stripes on their sleeve, there were players from a further 12 countries, from far across the globe.

The Main Event field began with 7,319 players, representing 92 countries, which is a remarkable number. The tables of PokerStars has even more, however. Pretty much every country of the world has a poker community these days, and pretty much all of them play on PokerStars.

Let's take a quick world tour:

Angel Guillen is from Mexico and Greg DeBora is from Canada. Humberto Brenes (Costa Rica), Gualter Salles (Brazil) and Jorge Arias (Venezeula) round out the contingent from the Americas.

2010 WSOP_Main Event_Day 3_Joe Giron_JGP9424.jpg

Angel Guillen

The PokerStars qualifier Fabio Baduy is Venezuelan too - and he has now outlasted Arias in the Main Event.

Johnny Lodden (Norway) and William Thorson (Sweden) are the perfect epitome of "idiots from Northern Europe" so despised by some of poker's better known figures. They're so idiotic that Lodden is now sitting with about 700,000 chips; Thorson has about 150,000, and PokerStars qualifiers Christopher Andler and Kristoffer Thorsson and still battling too.


William Thorson, focused

A little further south, but still in Europe, you'd find JP Kelly and the United Kingdom - a double bracelet winner last year, now sitting on the secondary feature table with about 400,000 chips. Priyan de Mel doesn't live so far across London from Kelly, and he is one of at least four British PokerStars qualifiers in the hunt.


JP Kelly, Team PokerStars Pro from the UK

It's not so far over the North Sea to Pieter de Korver's Holland. The EPT Grand Final champion of 2009 is still keeping alive his dreams of adding world glory to European success, but he'll have to beat his countryman Fokke Beukers to do so. Beukers, among the day one chip leaders, is still sitting with a mighty stack.


Fokke Beukers, PokerStars qualifier

We also introduced you to Nicolas Babel yesterday. That's Nicolas Babel from France. The PokerStars qualifier has had a far deeper run in the Main Event than even the likes of ElkY and Arnaud Mattern, who have long-since departed the Amazon Room.


Nicolas Babel, PokerStars qualifier from France

It's a similar story for Arne Riedberger, from Switzerland. All the German-speaking members of Team PokerStars Pro have been knocked out, but the Swiss, a qualifier, is edging into the money. And here's proof:


Arne Riedberger, PokerStars qualifier from Switzerland

It wasn't a great day for either Salvatore Bonavena (Italy) or Marcin Horecki (Poland). They went from big stacks to the rail before the bubble. But the opposite was true of Team Online's Andre Coimbra.


Andre Coimbra of Team PokerStars Online, the last Portuguese in the World Series

The Portuguese, the only one left in the World Series field, now has about 650,000 and is rolling.



Very soon.



There are fewer than 800 players left in the 2010 World Series Main Event, of whom 747 will be paid.



116 more players will be paid this year than entered the Main Event in 2002, the year before it was won by Chris Moneymaker.



William Thorson doubles up from the cut off through Mike Mustafa in the small blind. Thorson shoved with A♥T♣ only the be called by Mustafa with A♠Q♠. It looked like the Team PokerStars Pro was on his way to the rail but for a generous board of 8♦3♣9♣5♣4♣.

Mustafa was not amused and stepped away from the table.

"What the ****," said Mustafa as Thorson stacked up close to 200,000.

"You got it in with the best hand," said Thorson. "What are you crying for? It was a great call, you just got unlucky. You think I'm going to sit here and make the money with 70,000?"



Johnny Lodden - 600,000
Humberto Brenes - 160,000
Jason Mercier - 100,000
Nicolas Babel - 400,000
Angel Guillen - 260,000
William Thorson - 210,000
Vanessa Selbst - 410,000
Greg DeBora - 130,000
Pieter de Korver - 55,000
Andre Coimbra - 650,000
James Carroll - 490,000
Rafal Michalowski - 550,000



The video blog team caught up with the PokerStars player James Carroll before play started today. "Catching up" with him was impossible yesterday, when he flew into the chip lead.



The PokerStars Blog reporting team, and a select number of colleagues and friends, have recently finished their 10th bag of Atomic Fireballs (the official candy of the PokerStars Blog) since the World Series began. They have not, however, eaten any "chewy fireballs" or "Atomic Sourballs" despite recently learning of their existence.