WSOP Main Event Day 7: A Round With Theo Jorgensen


It was no more than one post ago that Stephen Bartley wrote on this very blog: "If you're a regular TV poker viewer, you'll know that what you get on screen is just a sample of what took place in the Amazon Room."

That is true, even if it's the kind of thing I usually write in the introduction to the not-yet-patented PokerStars Blog "A Round With..." post. In order to claim back that kind of observation, it seemed like the perfect time to dust off the old formula for the first "A Round With..." of day seven.

Remember, this is where we stand beside a single table for a complete orbit and record just about everything that goes on there. There's no guarantee they'll be anything massively interesting and no guarantee that any of this would make a TV edit. It's simply what happened in order, dispassionately reported.

That said, the table did feature Theo Jorgensen, so a few fireworks were guaranteed. David Benyamine and Eric Baldwin were also alongside the flying Dane, so there was a fair chance we'd be seeing a few flops.


Without further ado, here's A Round With Theo Jorgensen.

Setting: This is the first orbit of level 27. Players have returned from a break, but seat one is empty as a player bust on the final hand of level 26.
Blinds: 30,000-60,000 (10,000 ante)

Table line-up:

Seat 1 - empty
Seat 2 - Pascal LeFrancois - 3 million (approx)
Seat 3 - Sergey Rybachenko - 600,000 (approx)
Seat 4 - Eduardo Parras - 2.4 million (approx)
Seat 5 - Brandon Steven - 4.5 million (approx)
Seat 6 - James Manning - 1.2 million (approx)
Seat 7 - Eric Baldwin - 1.2 million (approx)
Seat 8 - Theo Jorgensen - 9.5 million (approx)
Seat 9 - David Benyamine - 1.2 million (approx)


The table

Hand one: Dead button, in one seat
James Manning gets us under way, raising to 165,000 from early position. David Benjamine is the only caller in the cut off and the two of them see our first flop.

It comes J♠[10c]6♠. Manning checks, using the fore- and middle-fingers of his right hand to tap the table; Benyamine checks behind with the middle two fingers of his left hand. That takes them to a 6♦ turn, which they both check too. And then the 2♥ rivers. Check, check again.

Benyamine tables 5♣5♠ and Manning mucks. "That's my favourite pair," says Benyamine, before rambling into an anecdote about flopping quads. There is polite laughter. The story ends.

Hand two: Button with LeFrancois
It's folded around to Pascal LeFrancois on the button and he raises to what looks like 130,000. That is good enough as the blinds release.

Hand three: Button with Rybachenko
It's folded again all the way round to Pascal LeFrancois, this time in the cut off, and he raises to 130,000 again. There's more resistance this time, from Brandon Steven in the big blind, who calls and takes them to a 8♦[10c]6♦ flop.

Here we go again. Check from Steven, check from LeFrancois. The J♥ turned and they both checked. Then they both also checked the Q♣ river. Steven showed A♠3♠ and LeFrancois mucked.

Hand four: Button with Parras
Theo Jorgensen opened from early position, making it 150,000. It's folded all the way to Steven in the small blind, and he announces a raise. He then throws in a sprinkling of chips that doesn't seem to be a full raise amount. However, because he has declared the raise, the dealer helps him count out the minimum, and Jorgensen calls.


Theo Jorgensen on day seven of WSOP

"That's very smart," says Jorgensen, who seems suspicious about the small kerfuffle over the raise size. The Dane jokes that this might be an angle shoot. (It's all good natured; he clearly doesn't mean it and Steven understands.)

Anyway, they go to a 3♠8♠4♠ flop and Steven checks. Jorgensen bets 250,000, which Steven calls. The A♣ turns.

Steven checks again and Jorgensen keeps up the aggression, betting 600,000. This sends Steven deep, deep into the tank and he dwells for at least three minutes. During this time, there's a massive whoop from the featured table and Jorgensen spends the time staring at a poster of Jamie Gold. Eventually, Steven calls, and then checks in the dark as the dealer peels off the river.

It comes Q♦ and Jorgensen bets 1.2 million. Steven calls pretty quickly and Jorgensen says: "Good call." Steven rolls over A♠A♦ for a set of aces. He wins as Jorgensen mucks.

Hand five: Button with Steven
Theo Jorgensen climbs back on the horse straight away and opens from under-the-gun to 135,000. Sergey Rybachenko doesn't take too long in announcing a raise, then counting his own chips and saying: "All in." Three quick folds follow, but Eric Baldwin is interested. "How much you got down there?" Baldwin says.

With help from Timothy the dealer, it's established that Rybachenko has 925,000 total, about 300,000 less than Baldwin. Baldwin moves all in over the top.

Jorgensen snap-mucks and it's Rybachenko v Baldwin. Baldwin tables 9♦9♠ and says: "Nice hand, good luck" when Rybachenko shows K♥K♠. As the dealer waits for the ESPN cameras to arrive, Baldwin is joined by a friend at his shoulder. "Do you know what's going on?" Baldwin asks his new associate. She nods. "Do you know what to root for?" he continued. She shakes her head coyly.

Eventually the flop comes 6♣5♥2♠ and Baldwin looks at the six and says: "Upside down." The A♦ turns and then the 6♥ rivers. "Upside down," repeats Baldwin as he is crippled. He ships all but about 350,000 to Rybachenko and is now the table short stack.

Hand six: Button with Manning
It's folded to the cut off, from where Brandon Steven limps. The button and small blind fold, allowing Theo Jorgensen to check and take the two of them to a cheap 2♣3♦5♦ flop. Check, check.

The 6♣ turns and Jorgensen bets 110,000, which Steven calls. Then the J♠ rivers. Jorgensen makes the slightest motion towards his chips to count out a bet and Steven flings his cards to the muck.

Hand seven: Button with Baldwin
Eduardo Parras raises to 130,000 - and that's good enough.

Hand eight: Button with Jorgensen
Eduardo Parras opens this one too, raising to 130,000 from early position. LeFrancois, in the big blind, defends his big blind with a raise of about 245,000 more. Parras folds.

Hand nine: Button with Benjamine
Brandon Steven opens to 155,000 and James Manning moves all in over the top. It's about 1.2 million and it's enough to persuade Steven (and everyone else) out of it.

Bonus hand 10: Button in one seat
This is included just for bonus fun. Baldwin open shoves for his last 300,000 and Sergey Rybachenko calls. This time Baldwin is ahead, with A♠Q♣ versus Rybachenko's A♥[10h], and Baldwin informs his supporter: "We're in." The board is dry and so Baldwin doubles up through the man who took most of his chips a few hands earlier.


ESPN cameras descend on the table as Eric Baldwin is all in

That completes the formal "A Round With..." but there are a couple of post-scripts. Both Baldwin and Benyamine went bust during the next orbit, both losing their chips to Pascal LeFrancois. LeFrancois also won a big pot from Johnathan O'Driscoll, who joined the table. See below.



PokerStars qualifier David Assouline crippled Bill Melvin with he got him all in on a 3♣T♣K♣6♦ board. Melvin was drawing dead with K♦7♣. Assouline held 8♣4♣. "Eight four of clubs!" Assouline yelled. "That's my hand!" After the hand, Assouline, who started the day as one of the shorter stacks, was up to 5.5 million.

"One time for the good guys!" he and his buddies cheered.


Eric Assouline celebrates his flush holding



After losing most of his chips to Assouline, Huntsville, Alabama's Bill Melvin got it in with pocket kings to Scott Clements A♥T♥. Melvin turned to his neighbor and said, "It's comin'." It was clear Melvin expected the ace. He had to wait for five cards to come down, but there was the A♠ on the river to send Melvin to the rail.


Bill Melvin eliminated from Main Event



"Hey, you signed up for this job!" -- Railbird blocking media access to the tables.



PokerStars player Duc Le is the only player remaining in the field who can beat Joe Cada's record of being the World Champion with the fewest number of letters (seven) in his name.



Pascal LeFrancois has moved close to the chip lead after doubling up against Jonathan Driscoll. LeFrancois shoved for around 3.2 million with pocket queens. With the action back on Driscoll he stood up, rubbed his head a bit, looked for inspiration in the distance somewhere and then, with some reluctance, announced call, turning over pocket jacks.

The board helped neither player, leaving LeFrancois with the pot and a stack of around 6.4 million. Driscoll, on the other hand, was left with an unmistakable look of misery on his face. "Must be nice," he said as his chips were repossessed.



Dealer speaking to ESPN crew in the voice of Jerry Lewis, "Hey, producer ladeeeeeeee!"



Lanky brunette waif: "If I tell them I can't find jeans that fit me, they will help me out."



The one who just kicked an agent out of the media area with the following exchange.

Guard: "Please step behind the rail."
Agent: "Hey, man, I represent that guy."
Guard: "That doesn't matter."



Jared Ingles, of Louisiana, on a failed squeeze play all in with J♥T♥. He made two-pair by the river, but the A♦K♣ made two pair on the flop. He earned $138,285. He was followed shortly by Peter Jetten, who has also been eliminated (but is probably not going to the bayou.



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