WSOP Main Event: Dogg beats poker after dark

wsop2010_thn.jpgThe only way these days to succeed consistently at top level poker is to treat it like a job. Slave over the books, put the hours in at the tables, watch, learn and refine. But for as long as people have been working, people have been insisting that they stop. All work and no play makes Jack, Jill and anyone you care to mention a very dull sort indeed.

The PokerStars Party on the rest day of the World Series of Poker is now time-honoured as the best opportunity presented to the entire poker world to live it up in Vegas, work-shift be damned. Tonight at Rain in the Palms Hotel and Casino, PokerStars players mingled with celebrities from all walks of life - including a huge twinkling of Team PokerStars Pros - to worship at the altar of Snoop Dogg. It was the Blue Carpet Treatment, and no mistake. The megastar rapper brought it, and we bought it for 45 minutes of scintillating ego trippin'.

There are some thing that can be said only with words. More likely when glitterballs, acrobats, the best rappers in the world, and days off in Las Vegas are involved, all that matters are what it looked like.

It looked like this:


Snoop Dogg performs at the PokerStars Party


Rain nightclub at the Palms was packed for the performance of Snoop Dogg


Play resumes at noon tomorrow in the World Series Main Event. We will be there, headaches and all, to guide you through to a new November Nine. Fo shizzle.