Chris and Matti do the WSOP (Part III)

wsop2011-thumb-blog.pngMonths become days, days become hours and hours become minutes. Time flies by when you are having a good time. And good times are all around in the city of Las Vegas.

This week our girlfriends are flying in from Europe. They both arrive at the same day. Matt's girlfriend Joanna arrives first. Her flight hits the ground well in time and when the two see each other after one month of being separated, it looks like one of those happy moments in a chick-flick. Seeing her brings nothing but a big smile on Matt's face. They leave for the house and now Chris goes to the other terminal to pick up his girlfriend Frances. Obviously that's where the misery starts. The flight appears to have a 1.5 hour delay and Frances also still has to go through customs having flown in from London.


Chris and Frances

I know I said before that time flies by when you are having a good time. Well I can promise you the 2.5 hours that I was waiting for Frances to arrive felt like eternity. I tell Frances I can't get there to pick her up and some Mexican guy is picking her up instead. She freaks out completely but this makes the light in her eyes only brighter when she sees it's me and not some 'Juan' that is waiting for her at the terminal door. Best things in life are free, right?


Matti and Joanna

Although we are thrilled to have them around, some mixed feelings surface. Having the girls around will prevent us from playing 24-hour cash sessions and registering in every poker tournament we feel like playing. Instead it all comes to quality time: taking the girls out for shopping, watching shows, going for dinner, doing all kinds of family stuff.

A regular schedule brings fresh air, the four weeks of poker life become just a good memory.

We agree that we can play two more tournaments before the Main Event starts so we don't completely lose the poker flow. I guess in relationships it's all about making compromises. We both play the $1,000 WSOP bingo and Matt plays the $1,500 WSOP event as well, while Chris plays the $550 Venetian Deepstack. Although we don't get any big scores in these tournaments, it's still a good way to keep our table feeling so we don't enter the Big One all cold and unprepared.

In the beginning of our poker career playing the World Series of Poker Main Event was nothing but just a very good dream. And now here we are, writing a blog on the side of our pool with the sun in our face. Maybe this is all just a dream and we are bound to wake up. Though I sure hope not!

So now the hunger for playing poker is getting bigger and bigger. We can't wait for the "World Cup" of the poker sport to begin.

Finally the time has come: the World Series of Poker Main Event kicks off! This is it, this is the moment we've been waiting for an entire year. I'm sorry, this is the moment everyone who is caught by the poker bug has been waiting for an entire year!

We decide we will both play starting day 1C of the Main Event. As a poker player, if ever in life you could ask the poker gods for some rungood - even if you could only ask it once - it would be right here, right now...

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Having safely navigated their way through Day 1 of the WSOP, here's the boys talking to our video crew on their WSOP Main Event Day 2A performance....