Chris and Matti do the WSOP (Week 2)

wsop2011-thumb-blog.pngEvery time we are in Las Vegas it feels like coming home again on the other side of the planet. Ever since we turned 21 two years ago, we've been coming to Sin City whenever we find a free leap of time.

Vegas can be very good to you. Some days everything can flow in the right direction and every path you take will lead to your final destination: playing good poker & winning a lot of money. Yes, you can be king.

But week 2 of our Vegas trip isn't proving to be one of those smooth rides. It's starts with a bummer: Matt finishes 26th for $5,622 in the $2,500 Venetian Deepstack. In the money, yet not the result we were hoping for. He has another deep run in the $1,500 WSOP NLHE tournament, but again the same story: he finishes in 105th place for $3,684, right before the big cash.

Christophe registers for a lot of tournaments but although he manages to build stacks in almost each and every one of them, getting to the dinner break seems like Mission Impossible V.

He even busts a $1,000 WSOP tournament after eight minutes. And although it happens with a "bad beat," it's still not a poker player's favorite experience.

Now this is not the way we want things to go. Chris kind of falls in a hole and is now climbing, trying to get out. And through determination and grinding it out, the results are finally drenching through that hard stone wall that stood in between him and making money in tournaments.

One of the $330 Venetian tournament turns things around. Christophe grinds through like a whirlwind, destroys the bubble and is one of the chip leaders the entire tournament without ever having to put his own tournament life on the line. This is it, he gets to the final table. First place will get $51,000. But when Chris reaches the final eight players of the tournament, the inevitable happens. In a standard situation he loses a coin flip for 30% of all the chips and BOOM he's out. He busts 8th getting $5,500 to heal the wound.
Disaster, you'd say. But this isn't how we experience it. Finally we have the feeling again that it's possible! As long as we play our A game, the sky is the limit. A new wave of motivation floats through our veins.


And on this flow good things start to happen: we are playing cash games at the Bellagio when Chris decides with the Main Event within eyesight to head for the Rio and play a Main Event Satellite. This would appear to be the best decision made all week. He banks the $10,000 Main event ticket - one step closer to the millions and poker immortality!
We are ready to go wherever the poker gods take us. They decide...

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