Christophe and Matti do the WSOP (Week 1)

wsop2011-thumb-blog.pngThe countdown has come to an end. The first of June has finally come! Our plane to Las Vegas is waiting at the gates of Brussels airport ready to take us to the city of sins. At 6:30 in the morning we start packing our bags. Although we didn't catch a lot of sleep, we aren't really as edgy as we normally are when leaving for a long trip in the early morning.

We arrive at the Airport at about 8:45, well in time. Our flight only leaves at 10:55 so we have all the time in the world to get some food and relax a bit. At that moment we get our first beat of the day. Off all the planes departing that morning, our flight is the only one that has a two hour delay. To avoid getting tilted we decide to upgrade to business class. It's only $500 each to get the upgrade, and for such a long flight, $500 is well worth it. So in the airport, we wait, and wait, and wait, and wait. Christophe goes KO in the VIP lounge and then finally at 12:15 we can go to the departure gate. Flying business class is pretty cool. It was actually the first time we did it on a long distance flight, and to be honest, it tastes like more. The chairs are almost as comfortable as beds and you get served very well. The stewardess asks you if you want a drink every five minutes, you get eatable food and they laugh with every joke you make. Travelling in style, we like.

We have a scheduled stop in Chicago where we have to wait for 4.5 hours to get our connecting flight to Vegas because of the previous delays. And 4.5 hours at an airport, again, is a pretty damn long time. Good thing we find a place where we can charge our laptops. So on some very uncomfortable, almost human-unworthy iron seats, we watch "The Sopranos" and the clock ticks time away a little faster.

Then finally it's time. Our plane is ready to take off. We enter, take our seat, pass out and wake up when the plane hits the ground. This is it. We arrive in Sin City. Now we get a second bad beat: Sybe our friend who is coming to pick us up from the airport has a car accident at 5 miles/hour. Nothing severe, but still the police, ambulance and even fire workers come to the scene where it happened to make sure he can't get to the airport to pick us up. Not a big deal, we just take a taxi, give the driver the address and we are on our way to the house. Oh wait, bummer, the taxi driver is not familiar with the address.

So he starts messing around with his GPS system that he's apparently using for the very first time. This guy is even worse with electronics than our own dad, "Bobbybusto". It's pretty tilting that the last part of the trip gets prolonged so annoyingly, but after some detours, driving in circles for $30, the driver sees the light and boom, ee arrive at the house!

The house we are staying at is amazing. It has seven bedrooms that all have their own bathroom. It has a big kitchen and a nice living room with a knight guarding the place. In the basement we have a chill & relax room with pool table, poker table and a home cinema. Outside we have a big pool, a Jacuzzi and a guest house.


Our house

A nice thing to note as well is that the house comes with a crazy hummer-style limousine named "The Kong" that drives us to the Rio where the WSOP tournaments are played every day.


Riding in style

The next day Matthias - alias "Action-Jackson" - jumps right into a $1,600 Deep Stack at the Venetian trying to go for success on the very first days of the trip. This doesn't really work out. Five hours after sitting down, he busts, gets back up and decides to hit the cash tables. The cashgames in Las Vegas are super-juicy. It's almost like the PokerStars cash game lobby. You can choose from hundreds of games trying to find a money table. The cashgames go very well the first couple of days. Matthias crushes the $10-20 games even taking shots at $10-20-40 in the Belaggio which is a huge game.

Unfortunately he gets unlucky in a big pot to Masa Kagawa, the rich Japanese businessman and high stakes player. This forces him to move back down in stakes and get back to the grind. In the meanwhile Christophe is very successful at the deep $2-5 games. Not seeming able to have a losing session, he's now up a ton and soon moving up to $5-10.

But being a poker player is not only about going strong in cashgames. Like all the other thousands of poker players coming to Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker, we register in multiple WSOP events, as well as Venetian Deep Stack tournaments in order to reach the highest glory, winning a tournament or even better, winning a bracelet!


At the Rio

The poker gods aren't really helping this first week. Everytime we are in stackin' chips mode, the pot for the chiplead goes the wrong way. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. Matt finishes in 94th place in the $1500 WSOP Triple Chance and as we speak is making a deep run in the $2,500 Venetian Deepstack. Will he outlast the entire field and go for king?

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See you guys next week!