WSOP 2011: Around the world with Victor Ramdin


I first met Victor Ramdin at Foxwoods, in 2006. Ramdin was a rare recognisable face in a sea of locals playing the World Poker Tour event. I remember the cigarette smell in the hallways and the motel which reminded me of places I'd seen in movies. What I remember most was Ramdin's victory, one worth $1,331,889.

A few weeks later I met Ramdin again, this time in London as he played low stakes cash games with anyone who wanted a fun game with some good table talk, while he was on a layover on his way to India with a team of doctors to help Guyanan kids get vital heart treatment, with money he'd helped to raise.

Not long after that I saw Ramdin again, this time on the European Poker Tour where he would fail to cash in a way that the layperson would describe as "again and again". It was a drought that would last until season seven when he cashed first in San Remo and then a week later at the Madrid Grand Final.

Victor Ramdin

We'd met before all that again, at the LAPT in Florianopolis, Brazil, where he was good for a drink in the bar, and a few stories about a tournament career on the road that so far has netted him nearly $3.5 million in live tournament winnings.

Is it possible Victor Ramdin is stalking me?

Even if he is, Ramdin is one of those likeably guys you see at poker tournaments around the world and like to see at poker tournaments around the world. He's not a flair player, just a good one, he doesn't remonstrate, he just plays the game right; mentored in his early days as young pro a decade ago by a certain Mr P. Ivey, of Las Vegas.

Ramdin has since gone on to rack up an impressive string of results.

After the Foxwoods win he came within a table of the WPT Championship final and since 2003 he's notched up no fewer than 25 cashes at the World Series of Poker, including four final tables, the latest coming almost exactly a month ago.

That brings us to today, where Ramdin began with 82,075. After watching him for a while, checking back in every now and then it's clear Ramdin means business, playing careful game that right now has his stack up to 190,000. I'll be back to keep an eye on him as the day progresses.

It turns out it's the other way around - It's now possible that I'm stalking Victor Ramdin.


Standing on a 22-foot ladder on the WSOP TV stage and dusting the giant HD monitors.

Player: "Do you have a media pass?"
Non-player standing with shopping bags inside the rail and chatting with a Swedish player: "Yeah, it's in my bag."
Player: "Can I see it?"
Non-player: "I'll leave."

The table occupied by Terrence Chan and Mike "The Mouth" Matusow.

The player in the purple section for five large towers of green 25 chips, the result of active blinds and antes stealing.

Number of motorised scooters abandoned on the rail in the Amazon Room: 3