WSOP 2011: Decisions, decisions

wsop2011-thumb-blog.pngIf you went to a restaurant and the menu featured only one item, the task of ordering might be boring, but it would be easy. Conversely, try ordering from a menu with 250 items on it. It's a epicurean adventure but making the decision can freeze some people in their ordering tracks. The paralysis of choice can be a real toughie.

Consider the problem being faced by some well-known poker players today. There are 14 people left in the WSOP $10,000 7-card stud championship. Four of them are Team PokerStars Pros. For at least two of those people, their success has caused them a real problem.

As play ended in the Stud championship early this morning, Chad Brown, Ville Wahlbeck, Jason Mercier, and Betrand "ElkY" Grospellier all had chips. Mercier and ElkY found themselves in a pickle.

Mercier had been two-tabling the $1,500 PLO (which he won last year) and the $10,000 Stud event. When he finally busted the PLO 50 from the money, he focused on the Stud event and finished sixth out of the fourteen remaining players. Meanwhile, ElkY managed to work his stack up to third out of fourteen.

For anyone else in the world, this would be reason to run directly to bed, take an Ambien, and crash in advance of a great chance for a big gold bracelet. Mercier, however, took to Twitter and lamented his fate.

"Finished for the night. Can't decide if imma play the 5k shootout at noon tomorrow," he wrote.

For readers here, that probably doesn't need much translation, but I'll do it anyway. Sometime in the middle of the Vegas night, Mercier was finishing in the top half of the final 14 of the Stud championship. His first thought was whether he could skip out on sleep and make it back in time for the $5,000 NLHE shootout starting in a few hours.



But Mercier is a sicko. We all know that. The guy will go for days without sleep just to make sure he has a chance at winning everything. It's simply how he operates. There isn't anybody else out there who...

Well, yes, there is ELkY. Seconds later, the Frenchman was responding, "I can't decide either. So sick. First Day 3 of the Series and might miss one of the best events!" Ed. note: Tweet has been autocorrected by the fingers of a guy who can't deal with lack of punctuation in a tweet).

So, here's two young guys who could make it back to their rooms, get a solid eight hours sleep, and still have time to have a healthy breakfast before the 3pm re-start of the Stud event. Or, it's two young guys who could go back to their rooms, sleep for a few hours, and make it back by noon to multi-table the $5,000 shootout and Day 3 of the $10,000 Stud.

Mercier says he's decided to get the rest. "Might as well get some extra sleep and then mash Day 3 tomorrow," he wrote.

ElkY hasn't indicated what he's going to do. If you know ElkY, you probably know where you should put your money.

In any case, good luck to Mercier, ElkY, Chad Brown, and Ville Wahlbeck when they get back to work at 3pm in the Stud championship.

And good luck in the $5,000 shootout, too. Sickos.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker