WSOP 2011: Lamb leads the slaughter while a new flight takes a seat


For officials at the Rio today is here we go again, while for the 1,000-plus players making the long walk down the corridors of the Rio to the Amazon Room it's the start of what could be their last day of the 2011 World Series of Poker.

Like yesterday, and the day before that, those arriving today will have plenty to contend with. First there's the immediate objective of finding their seat. Then the sizing up, as quickly as possible, the quality of the opposition. Then finally, contending with the troublesome matter of when to pick up their free pair of Dearfoam slippers, ensuring you get the tartan ones you have your eye on.

With that done play can begin. As before there will be five levels of play today, each lasting two hours with a 20 minute break between them. After three of those players will depart for a 90 minute dinner break, with play concluding sometime around 12.45am Las Vegas time. Already it seems numbers today will be significantly up on those posted on the two previous Day 1 flights.

A packed Amazon Room

Yesterday there were more sturdy performances by the ranks of Team PokerStars Pro, several of whom were among the 616 survivors of Day 1B.

Dario Minieri finished best of them on 71,400, closely followed by Max Lykov on 65,300. Behind them were the likes of Martin Hruby on 46,175, Eugene Katchalov on 37,925, Leo Fernandez on 32,850, Richard Toth on 9,750 and finally John Duthie with 5,000. All will return for their Day 2 on Tuesday.

Chip leader last night was American Ben Lamb, enjoying a profitable World Series so far having first come second in a $3,000 Pot-Limit Omaha event, using that as a warm-up to win the $10,000 PLO Championship a few days later. Seems he knows a thing or two about Hold'em as well, bagging up 189,925 at the close.

For now sit back as we take your through Day 1C. For a recap of all things Day 1B check out last night's wrap.

Top 10 Day 1B chips
1. Ben Lamb, 188,925
2. Andrew Hinrichsen, 175,480
3. Fabian Reyes, 158,825
4. Javier Martinez, 156,250
5. Guillermo Ramirez Bucaraman, 152,600
6. Arnaud Esquevin, 148,250
7. Edward Yee, 139,725
8. Ryan D'Angelo, 133,525
9. Quoc Nguyen Nereto, 131,700
10. Guillaume Rivet, 131,175