WSOP 2011: Mr. Nice Guy, Spencer Cossette, and his free ride(s)

wsop2011-thumb-blog.pngIf anyone has ever written a nice word about envy, their work never made it in front of my eyes. From Billy Shakespeare to the Gin Blossoms (and how many time have those artists been used in the same sentence), jealousy has gotten a pretty bad reputation.

So what then of how everyone must feel to be anywhere near Spencer Cossette? Sure, we can call it "admiration." We can call it "respect." But, anyone who says they don't feel just a little but of envy for the guy is probably lying a little bit.

Cossette was among the first Supernova Elites. He's an SNG grinder who plays the big stakes. He plays whenever he wants and makes a nice living doing it. He has a nice condo in Canada. He travels all over the world. He skis at every opportunity. Oh, and he has a girlfriend from the Cayman Islands he goes to visit all the time. Now he's sitting in the Orange section on Day 1D grinding his $10,000 seat toward the dream of a Main Event bracelet.

All of that, and he's a pretty nice guy, too. He met my wife and me five years ago. He's not seen her since and he still remembers her name. There have been days I don't remember my own name, and Cossette's got my wife's name locked up in some photographic memory bank. I'd be afraid to let her loose around him if not for the fact he's too nice a guy to steal an old blogger's girl.

Keep in mind, this is no man crush I've got here. It's dead-on envy. I'm completely pleased with this little life I've carved out for myself, but the string on which Cossette is dangling the world is just short enough to be out of mere mortals' reach.

If all that isn't enough, if your life is all champagne and featherbeds, if you aren't impressed by anything that doesn't appear on TMZ, let's try this one last thing.

For all the money Cossette has won online, he's not had to pay one cent for his last two vehicles. To put a finer point on it, he's not had to write a check (or, in his case, probably a cheque) for his last two Porsches. And to put a point on it fine enough to inject the green-eyed monster into your carotid, Cossette recently paid for his second of two free Porsches with his PokerStars Frequent Player Points.

So there's that.


Cossette with his free rides

He gave the old Cayenne to his parents as a thank-you, and now is the proud owner of a brand new, white Porsche Panamera, a vehicle worth five million FPPs, or roughly the equivalent of the minimum FPPs a Supernova Elite earns in a year.

"I decided to get the first Porsche to motivate me to play more hours which thus would make me more money and also more points," he said. "I guess it was sort of a reward for my hard work and also it was--and still is--the best value per FPP from the store."

This afternoon as I tiptoed through the Amazon Room's Orange section trying to avoid a player who has for years given me the willies, I heard my name called out. I was jumpy and afraid the man folks call "The Devil" had finally decided to come after me. I ducked and hoped my soul might escape out the back entrance.

Imagine my relief in seeing Cossette with his hand out. Unlike everybody else here who puts their palm in your direction, Cossette wasn't asking for a stake or a food comp. He just wanted to shake my hand.

Anybody who wants to babble about nice guys finishing last might want to check in with Cossette. He might even give you a ride in his Porsche.

* * * *

Lack of free sponsors' beef jerky in the media room.

"I had pocket aces against queens and he rivered a flush against me." - Busted player to anyone who cared to listen in the hallway outside the Amazon Room.

Team PokerStars Pro ElkY will not be adding to his cash mountain. He's out.

10 of 57 bracelet winners at this year's World Series of Poker chose to wear a baseball cap in their winner's photo.

"I got rid of all my men today."

Brad Willis
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