WSOP 2011: The John Duthie run (very) good

wsop2011-thumb-blog.pngBack at the end of Day 1B, John Duthie, normally an upbeat sort of chap, was disheartened. As others at his table stuffed piles of chips into their bags, the fruits of a successful day, Duthie had just five yellow 1,000 chips sitting in front of him. It didn't take long to bag them up. A little earlier he had looked down at pocket kings, tried to play them cute, and walked into a set. That rarely ends well.

Coming back for Day 2 with so little equity rarely ends well, either. It was worth just ten big blinds, and worse still he was in the big blind on the very first hand. Now, after a few days off, he was not so much disheartened as resigned to his fate. A double would be welcome, of course, but that would still leave him in trouble. This would take some serious run good and if it didn't happen, well there's always next year.

But while he was lazing by the pool yesterday, Duthie must have done something to please a higher authority; after the first five hands of the day, he was up to 37,000. That's right, a seven-fold increase in his stack, now good for 67 big blinds.


John Duthie

Duthie, a Team PokerStars Pro from the UK, looked up at me with a grin that suggested: "You're not going to believe what happened here."

He sprang out of his seat and stepped away from the table to give me the details. In a blatant brag of my shorthand skills (he did talk nice and slow), it's probably easier if I let him take you through it.

"I was in the big blind on the first hand and folded to a raise, and on the second hand I had to fold from the small blind, too. So now I was down to around 4,000 already. It was a little troublesome.

"I managed to steal the blinds and antes on the third hand, taking it down from the button, and that's when it started getting a little interesting. On the fourth hand I got pocket queens. The guy under the gun made it 1,100 and I moved all-in. He called me with A-K and I won the race to get up to 10,000 or so.

"The very next hand, the fifth of the day, I get dealt pocket nines. There was a raise to 1,100 and I move all-in. There is one caller and then another player moves all-in, too! The original raiser folds, but the player who had called decided to do so again. So there were three of us, two of us all-in. Both the others had pocket queens, so my 9-9 did not look great.

"The flop was 5-6-7 with two hearts, giving me a straight draw to my nines. The turn was 9♥ which, although making me a set and putting me in the lead, gave one of the others a flush draw to make things a little worrisome. Thankfully, the river bricked and I tripled up!

"All of which put me on 37,000, up from 5,000, in the first five hands of the day. Not bad, eh?"

Not bad at all, Mr Duthie. Not bad at all.

* * * *

Team PokerStars Pro Eugene Katchalov

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Chicken and banana pepper wrap from the WSOP Poker Kitchen

@NoahBoeken: "Hope this skydive on day 2B will turnaround in a bungeejump because im bleeding chips fast, havnt won a hand yet sittin at 48k :("

@superdecay (Max Lykov) - "Осталось 20к перед 300-600, проиграл две пары в стрит, фишу на флешдро доске :/ "

Most favoured activity by players told to leave the Amazon Room for the 20 minute break - standing by the door until they let them back in after the break.