WSOP 2011: With dinner done time for more action


We're beyond the halfway stage of Day 2 of the World Series of Poker, with the dinner break now complete. For some dinner was a trip to Buzios, where they have linen table clothes and mineral water (a trip you'll read about a little later). While for others dinner was another journey through the turnstiles of the Poker Kitchen for packaged food eaten with plastic forks and carried back to a media room desk to be picked at.

As we expected, Day 2 is beginning to show signs of being the moment when when the tournament develops linear story arc, with one thing leading to another and a logical progression blowing away all that confusion of yesterday. Right now it's not a perfect arc, more like a partial rainbow with a pot of gold at the end. Regardless how closely we look it's not clear who's closest to the loot.

Try to play your cards right

Nevertheless, we'd be remiss if we didn't try to make sense of it all, as we attempted earlier. Now might also be a good time to look back on today's introduction to the second day, followed by the interesting parallels between Canada's two greatest poker exports Daniel Negreanu and of course reigning champion Jonathan Duhamel, whose demise is also reported.

A reminder (if one were needed) that the main event is a marathon not a sprint makes for a great read, featuring the additional reminder that a marathon is in fact a marathon. We've also examined the many marketing features deployed to entice the poker dollar from the pockets of the thousands of players who come to Las Vegas each year. Finally, before the break we bade farewell to the eloquent Vicky Coren who busted a short while ago.

Right now the players are returning to their seats with the clock about to restart in level nine with blinds at 500-1,000 with a 100 ante. They'll be two more levels of play before we finish for the night.

Right now these are the vital statistics: 1,203 players remain on Day 2a with the average stack measuring 76,758.

Back to it.


No one has won the WSOP Main Event holding pocket aces or pocket kings. Two players, Bobby Baldwin (1978) and Tom McEvoy (1983), have won the title holding pocket queens.

PokerStars bloggers Simon Young and Stephen Bartley, both Brits, watching the baseball Home Run Derby.

"I never believed people who said it was fun to eat in restaurants alone. But they're right! It's brilliant." - @VictoriaCoren

"93.7k at dinner break....uneventful level...was hoping for 160k at end of the day....might be ambitious now." - JP Kelly