As the Stars Tweet: Searching for Gold in the Desert Part II

wsop-130x100.pngThe Team PokerStars Pros are all still in Las Vegas searching for that coveted piece of gold for their wrist. After reaching the mid-point of the World Series of Poker, players are getting restless and when players get restless, prop bets ensue.

Team PokerStars Pros Vanessa Selbst, Liv Boeree, and Vanessa Selbst, along with Maria Ho took some time one day to head to the gun range. "Time for some gun therapy w @liv_boeree Let's do this!!" tweeted Rousso.


Obviously, a prop bet came of their excursion. Boeree tweeted, "I won the target shooting bet for $1500 vs @MariaHo @VanessaRousso @VanessaSelbst !! Even better, Rousso came last and has to wear a... Costume of my choosing at a WSOP tournament. The more embarrassing the better. Any suggestions?"

What did they decide on?

"So it's official...I'm a cockroach for the day! Losing bets to @liv_boeree is always good for a laugh!" Rousso tweeted.


Speaking of Boeree, that little ankle incident from the beginning of the summer seems to be coming along quite nicely. According to Boeree, "Just tried standing on my bad leg for the first time and it worked! Also just doubled in the shootout. What a great day!" And a few days later she tweeted, "Walking almost normally without the cast 22 days after the ankle breaking incident. Wolverine powers ftw."

It's not all wins for Team PokerStars. Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier had a bit of bad luck one day. "Forgot my watch on my seat after getting a massage and busting shootout. Probably lost now. Wasn't even tilted. #justbadluck," he tweeted, followed by, "This is a picture of the uniquely designed Parmigiani watch I lost at the rio today. Help would be great! Thanks." As far as we know, the watch is still MIA.


The WSOP grind can take a lot out of a player and staying in the right mindset is crucial. "Won't be tweeting anymore bad beat hands it's exhausting and excessively boring at this point. I'll let know when something good happens," tweeted Daniel Negreanu. This might be good for the psyche seeing that reliving terrible beats is never any fun.

If David Williams decides to change career paths, one in the "celebrity look-alike" field might be the way to go. Earlier this week he tweeted, "Two drunk girls just came up to me while I was eating at Pho Kim Long and asked for a picture. After they freaked and said "Thanks @Drake !"

Since we're talking about celebrities, it should be noted that Rafael Nadal signed on to Team PokerStars this week. The pros all tweeted their excitement and some even tried to get the tennis superstar on the courts and the felts. "Welcome to @PokerStars #NadalPoker‬ I am 100% to play both w you, poker and tennis, as doubles of course!" tweeted Andre Akkari.

And on the poker celebrity front, players from around the world converge on Las Vegas to play poker and of course getting the opportunity to play next to or even meet their favorite players is an awesome experience. We're sure the members of Team PokerStars Pro have gotten stopped one or two times for a photo or just an introduction this summer, but have they received any money? Daniel Negreanu has. "Guy just handed me two cents in the hopes that he will run good live. Had that happen on PokerStars tons, but that's a first in person! Ha," he tweeted.

On that note, we're going to go find Daniel and give him a few cents to help our rungood. We'll see you next time.