Ballin' at the WSOP: Daniel Negreanu's trailer

wsop-130x100.pngreported with Elaine Chaivarlis

The World Series of Poker can be a grind - seven weeks of poker in the desert can wear on a person's soul - but there are ways to make it a little less taxing. One of the more popular ways is renting a trailer. If you've made your way to the Rio, then you know that you can't miss the slew of trailers parked close to the building. One of the trailers occupying the Rio parking lot belongs to Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu. He gave us a look inside his trailer and told us a little bit about why he rents one every year, and the necessary amenities you have to have.

This isn't the first time that you've had a trailer and you tweeted that this was your best one yet, why?

Negreanu: I like this trailer because it's the most modern and the air just feels cleaner, I think it's just the newest one I've gotten, and the price was cheaper.

What are the benefits to having the trailer here?

Negreanu: There are a ton of benefits to having a trailer. Number one, most important is I'm a vegan, so I have a fridge full of stocked foods with a microwave so I never have to worry about going hungry, and also in between breaks I'm double dipping a lot of these tournaments.

So like today I played a new tournament and I was out by two o'clock, the next tournament wasn't until five, so I could go home and come back, but it's a bit of a hassle and there's nowhere to hang out. I'm not gonna hang out in the hallways, so this is kind of a secluded little quiet area where I can veg.


What are the must-have things that people have to have if they get a trailer at WSOP?

Negreanu: The most important thing is a bed so that they can lay down, second most important thing is a functioning fridge and a microwave or something along those lines. And, for me TV is optional. I've got an iPad. I don't really need one, so really just a fridge, a bed and a place to do number one and number two. 

What's the biggest perk of having a trailer overall?

Negreanu: Well the biggest perk of having this trailer is also the location of it, you're right next to the poker room so every break you can come out here, better parking, really just relaxation and comfort because this is a grind. Like three weeks in, everyone is angry and mad at each other because we're here, and this gives me sort of a home away from home. 

Who are your famous neighbors?

Negreanu: Well Phil Ivey was the first one to get one a few years ago and I thought 'What a great idea!' So now me, John Juanda and Phil Ivey have always had our trailers in the exact same spot. Last year it was like a trailer park out here, there was like seven or eight of them, but this year I think there's a few less. There might be some more coming because it's just a great idea.