Nanonoko's WSOP schedule

wsop-130x100.pngWSOP 2012 has arrived! I just recently got back to the USA to spend a few days back at home before heading over to the WSOP in Las Vegas, NV. Now that I'm rested up, I'm ready to fly over to Vegas tomorrow and dive straight into my 1st event which will be the $1,500 NL reentry. Although I missed a few of the opening events, I think it's better to go in feeling good and not having to play because you feel you 'have to'. I was thinking about waiting until the $10,000 HU NL tournament, but decided that I didn't want to miss out on the reentry event as I imagine it's going to have a massive prize pool.

The schedule that you see below are just about every single NL, PLH & LHE event available since I've no clue how to play any other games. I'm likely to play the majority of the events written but will miss some events if I make day 2′s of some events or if I feel that I need to take a small break to re-energize. Having played the majority of the WSOP last year, I can say it's very easy to get burnt out playing these tournaments especially since I'm not use to grinding live everyday for many hours.

nano_WSOP buyins.jpg

There is one particular event that I wasn't sure if I wanted to enter which is the $10,000 NL HU event coming up on June 5th. HU NL isn't my specialty but it isn't something that I'm inexperienced at either. One of the main concerns I had about the event was the structure. In this tournament, you start with 1/3 the chips and you have the option to rebuy at any time (not during a hand) to an additional 1/3 of the chips. So I believe you start w/ 10,000 chips and have 2 10,000 chip add-ons at any time. I'm not sure what exactly optimal strategy for me would be but as a cash game player, I will likely add-on immediately to play as deep as I can which is more in my comfort zone. I think the tournament players who are use to shallow stacks, if they happen to play deep against me, will feel more uncomfortable which hopefully gives me an edge. Ultimately with the input of fans and such, I've decided to take on this event. Maybe you guys have some thoughts on when I should add-on?

Anyhow, below is my current schedule and if I somehow play every single event and bust them all very quickly, the total buy-ins is closing in towards $100,000. Let's hope I final table one this year! I think my tournament game is getting a bit better!

If you want daily updates on my progress/chip count, be sure to follow me on twitter: @nanonoko


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