WSOP 2012: A long hard summer for Mattern


Arnaud Mattern did not look happy. After returning for Day 2 with more than 27,000, the Frenchman had hoped for better things. His whole summer had been dogged by misfortune and a run of cards that made him feel like he hadn't won a pot all summer. He had endured everything so far but further blows were on the way, and now he was playing defense.

"Ak vs aa vs a shortstack. Then flopped another straightflush draw + 1 pair, i missed again. Crippled to 14k. ‪#fungame‬"

It would usher in the last stand of Mattern's World Series, which began back in May. Normally a time for optimism, the first weeks turned instead to pessimism for Mattern who endured 15 days without a money finish, or even a profitable cash game. Fed up, Mattern packed a bag and spent three days in New York.

"It was great," said Mattern, and I thought it would help to balance everything."

Getting away from the dry heat of Vegas would do anyone some good, particularly a poker player entrenched in hotels and air conditioning. But Mattern didn't get the desired effect. Back in the desert, the dry spell continued. As Mattern put it: "It's been a bad summer."

Arnaud Mattern

Back in the Brasilia Room Mattern was the short stack on a table featuring Chris Oliver, Paul Wasicka, Jamie Kerstetter and several amateur players Mattern would ordinarily look to get his teeth into. What's more he was in seat five, opposite the dealer, a position, at least superficially, of control and command. But Mattern's body language said something else. He was the short stack, his hands were tied, and he didn't like it.

Next to him was Kerstetter, in comparison the complete opposite of Mattern.

A former tax attorney from New York, Kerstetter knows the value of doing something you love every day, having quit the day job three years ago to play poker professionally ("Three years and a lot of money down the tube, but I was unhappy doing it."). Sitting cross-legged on her chair, her shoes flicked off, pink streaks in her hair and pink hoodie, Kerstetter exudes happiness. "I try to talk to people around me and have a little fun at least," Kerstetter would say later. At one point she said something to Mattern, dressed in black, and smiled, but the Frenchman was in little mood to talk. Kerstetter stopped asking questions.

Soon Mattern was all-in and this most painful summer was at an end.

Chris Oliver, who had been playing aggressively all afternoon, opened under-the-gun for 1,300. Mattern, on the button, then three-bet to 3,000. Kerstetter, who admitted later that her four bet range had been big, cold four bet from the small blind to 7,700 with pocket tens. The action was folded to Mattern who tanked for five minutes before shoving for around 20,000.

"I'd committed myself and hoped he had ace-king or ace-queen," said Kerstetter. "He had kings (at this point she winced) and I ripped a two-outer. It's nice to hit but it would be nice to get it in good instead."

A good boost for Kerstetter, but one that came with a price for the Team PokerStars Pro.

So long Arnaud.




Jason Mercier Pt.1: "Over called J6s out of the bb and flop came J76 got in 40k vs KJ for a sweet double. 84k and climbing, table CL #anotherdayattheoffice"

Jason Mercier Pt. 2: "Spoke too soon. Guy I doubled thru defends his bb when I open KQ. Flop KQ8 ddx. He check shoves 75dd and beats me. Got 71k now #iaintscurred"


Viktor Blom, his AQ no good against pocket aces. He's down to 70,000