WSOP 2012: Boldest and best back for the big one


If you wouldn't mind checking in clichés and hyperbole at the door, we can get the main event of the World Series of Poker underway. Today the most beautiful, poetic and talked about event on the poker calendar begins. It's the tournament every player wants to win, for the bracelet, the prestige, that life changing sum of money. It's almost unrecognizable from its first incarnation back in 1970; but its spirit remains. Some call it the American dream, others, who don't cry watching films about pets, just call it a game of cards. However you describe it, it's an event like no other.

If you think that the $10,000 price tag is a rich one you're right. It is. Who in their right mind would pay such a fee? But they do. Thousands do. And they're not out of their minds, their just meeting the demands made on them by their imagination - to win the World Series Main Event, and ink their name forever in poker's history books. And if a chance to grasp that illusive pot of gold means a trip to the desert every summer with nothing but the clothes on your back, then the job, the bank manager, and a new pair of shoes will have to wait.

Poetic it may be, but it's not always poetry in motion. The main event brings together the kid and the grand parent, the bracelet winner and the home game champ. All may be different but are united in the belief that if the world turns right they can become poker's new icon.

2012 WSOP Bracelets_GIR1317.jpg
The winner's bracelet

It's a pipe dream to most, but who would deny them their shot? This unrestrained faith keeps people like us in jobs and helps out every newspaper editor with six column inches of space on page 17 come Tuesday week. So what if everyone thinks they can win? Right now, on the eve of Day 1A they can believe it. It's only when the cards are in the air that dreams come crashing down to earth.

When that happens, the biggest Texas hold'em tournament in the world comes to life. Over the course of the next ten days the ordinary will mingle with the games' extraordinary for have their shot. Some will succeed while the rest will get a complimentary story to take home.

It begins today, the first of three starting days. We'll then play on, and on, until a final table of nine is reached next Monday, with the biggest bubble in poker bursting on the Friday before. Right now it's just a big mass of humanity (apart from that guy with Jaegermeister stains on his vest) but somewhere among them however will be the nine players who will contest the final table in October.

We'll try to do this without cliché and hyperbole, but bear with us as it's often impossible. Nevertheless, you'll find all the (use hyperbole here) stories from this (fill in cliché) event right here.