WSOP 2012: Coren and Greenstein are going to be just fine


Vicky Coren and Barry Greenstein are going to be just fine. I realised this after half an hour spent watching them both. They're on adjacent tables, making the gap between them a perfect vantage point to watch their demise, or, if questioned, to see them double up (three times). But this has so far proven unnecessary. They're in. Coren even doubled up, twice, and Greenstein seems too wily to fire off his last rounds prematurely.

Actually, Coren's bigger problem is a promise made to her fiancé that she'd be back for lunch at around 2pm. She arrived with little more than 7,000 and now has closer to 30,000, first doubling with 8-4, catching an ace to embarrass the king and queen sent to depose her, then she shoved again with ace-seven, catching a seven to topple a pair of fives. Three more all-ins have followed without action but now Coren can afford to fold.

Victoria Coren earlier this week

All of this was relayed to her band of followers on twitter, which has her complete attention. Every so often she pauses briefly to perform the all-ins, before the typing resumes.

Greenstein, a few feet away, does the same. He's is a little lighter on action but equally entrenched, and also types.

So much so that I began to realise it was pointless standing there watching them. I should instead head back to the press room and read what they were saying on my computer.

‏@VictoriaCoren: "I currently have 42k (six times what I started with!) If you don't hear from me, assume I'm folding."

While Coren was on the ascendant, Greenstein hovered the 15,000 he came back with. But he would soon tail off.

At his table was Ari Engel, with chips, who was setting about instilling a policy of deciding who should have chips and who shouldn't. He finessed his way through a pot with ten-deuce, outplaying his opponent, and sat in control with more than 300,000.

In contrast was Greenstein, hamstrung with the short stack, but able to rally if only for a short time. Peaking at 30,000 Greenstein then shoved with nine-eight off-suit.

Barry Greenstein

‏@barrygreenstein: "Shoved with 98o on the button for 9BB. Called by Joseph Cheong with Kc3c in big blind. Board K944A. I'm out. ‪#wsop61‬"

Well, perhaps Vicky Coren and Barry Greenstein won't be fine after all, but it's never easy playing the short stack. That Coren still fights on at the first break speaks of her tenacity and pluck. But at 2.05pm, the lunch plan is ruined.



Sam Farha, whose demise in the 2003 WSOP indirectly helped start the online poker boom.


"At least I got all day to do something."

(Player eliminated within 20 minutes of the start.)


"I wanted to sit down with 11 stacks of green but they wouldn't let me."

(player with 5,500)