WSOP 2012: Doing things differently


With thousands of players around you it's hard to make a case for your individuality. The main event doesn't lend itself to the spotlight, at least not yet. It's the office job equivalent of row after row of neat cubicles, only the hours are longer, there is no retirement fund and you can't steal any stationery.

In an effort to redress this equality some players take to obvious displays of flamboyance. But they're doing it the wrong way. It's no use wearing an umbrella hat, crashing two metal symbols together or dressing up as Phil Hellmuth. It's been done and there's always last year's B-Roll.

With this in mind perhaps it's time to explore new ways to stand out, new techniques and even some old ones, which will turn people's heads and make them think "I've never seen that before" or at the very least "what's up with that dude?"

Notice how Soi Nguyen just blends in with the crowd

So as a public service we've listed some suggestions for unorthodox attention grabbers; banners on which to pin your individuality and which say to the world: I am not a number but a free man, although that tends to mean you're out and no longer part of the crowd in the first place.

  • Order a regular black coffee at Starbucks
  • Then say thank you for it
  • Dress somewhere between evening wear and your gym clothes
  • Wear long trousers and a sports jacket.
  • Don't wear a cap with your sports jacket
  • Wear shoes
  • Speak French
  • Look like you're enjoying yourself
  • Take a leaf out of Shane Warne's book and bring your model/ actress wife with you and ask her to watch you from the rail
  • Try to start a conversation about cricket
  • Win $18 million
  • Be Ylon Schwartz
  • Use a payphone
  • Tweet something nice about the players at your table
  • Try to have a normal conversation with the player next to you
  • Pay no attention to your iPhone
  • Announce to your opponents that "it's all about the money."
  • Wear a dress (women only)

    That should be enough to get you started. In the next lesson we'll talk about using alcohol and a chicken suit to your advantage.



    Chris Moneymaker (2003) and Jamie Gold (2006)


    "There's no need to be scared of me, I've just been drinking more than you."


    Chad Brown: "Today is only my 2nd day off since may 29th. Gym and chilling for start of wsop day 2 tomorrow."