WSOP 2012: George knows deuce...


Last night Team PokerStars Pro George Danzer came close to winning his first WSOP bracelet for a second time this year. A little more than two weeks ago it was in the Omaha/Stud Hi/Lo event, where he fell at the last hurdle, finishing runner-up to earn $140,825. This time it was in no-limit Deuce to Seven, where Danzer finished third, picking up a further $115,295.

"Right now I'm pretty happy with the World Series, how it all panned out," said Danzer, looking back on his results from this summer. "Every year when I come here it's just to win a bracelet. Most of the years it costs a lot of money trying to win a bracelet and this year I earned money trying to win a bracelet. I'm feeling pretty good."

Danzer in the deuce to seven final

While the world jumped two footed into no-limit hold'em, Danzer diversified, adding 2-7 to his repertoire with significant results. His result yesterday matched his performance in the same event in 2011.

"You have to have a good idea what your hand translates as, how strong your hand is. The problem is in no-limit deuce you can be drawing dead. You have to be really careful because you can have zero per cent which is impossible in no-limit hold'em, you can stick it in with jack-ten suited and you're going to be fine somehow. That's not possible in no-limit 2-7."

So while the rest of us have been sticking it in with Jack-Ten, Danzer has established himself as one of the best German exports since The Scorpions, using his talents to score well in a variety of poker disciplines, although it's in deuce that he thrives. "If there's a game I'm probably in it."

A day later and Danzer takes his seat in the Main Event, a tournament that still has its appeal.

"The Main event's great. I don't know why. It's just, so many people, everybody wants to get to the final table and you have complete diff structure. When I play the 10k 2-7 or 50k 8-game tournament, I know nearly all the players. It's a more familiar thing. You play against them, you know how they play.

"Now, in the main event you have a complete new table, you don't know anybody, you have 80 per cent amateurs at the table so it's a complete different thinking you have to do to succeed there. There's the prize money obviously."

But win or lose Danzer leaves Las Vegas in the ascendant, and in profit.

"I wasn't last year at the WSOP so, that feels really good."



"*generic tweet about how I have between 20-40k on 2nd break of a seven day tournament* #coolstorybro" --Team Online's Mickey Petersen


Team PokerStars Pro Eugene Katchalov is having a good start to Day 1. He's nearly doubled his starting stack after the first four hours of play."


Noted for offering the "Shuffle Up and Deal" today, UFC fighter Georges St-Pierre has been eliminated.


The player in the Brasilia Room dressed in "military dictator chic", complete with peaked cap and epaulettes.


Nolan Dalla: "Welcome to 2005 World Champion Greg Raymer! (applause). I mean 2004. How did I miss that?"

Greg Raymer: "That's okay Nolan. You just owe me $2.5 million dollars"*

*The difference between first prize in 2004 ($5 million) and 2005 (Joe Hachem won $7.5 million).