WSOP 2012: Heitmann on high


It's difficult to spot any failings among the four remaining Team Pros right now. All of them are playing some of the best poker of their careers, including Jan Heitmann, who is up to more than 1.4 million at the break.

"Today has been actually hard," said Heitmann. "I had a really good table early on but that got broken really quickly. Then I got moved to this table where everyone seems to know what they're doing. I hovered around 700k for a while, then I lost a big pot where I had kings against sevens, but I had to fold that.

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"Then I won a flip with ace-king against jacks and was up to 900k. I worked a little bit and I'm up to 1.4 million, which is quite comfortable."

With fewer than 200 players left in the main event fortunes can turn nasty on the turn of a card, something Heitmann is increasingly aware of as the number of players left inches closer to that life changing nine.

"Every decision really matters," said Heitmann. "Every pot matters. There are a couple of smaller ones where you just give up, which is fine. But a lot of the pots are three bet, so they get big quickly. And the average is a million, which is 50 big blinds. So every pot matters."

Speaking to Heitmann earlier this week, he spoke of a one-step-at-a-time mentality, of appreciating that a good day means bagging up chips at the close. Having flown in just for the main event, Heitmann is perhaps less fatigued than others (although a new baby daughter is not always conducive to rest and relaxation) and making the most of this opportunity. Regardless of what happens his philosophy remains the same.

"I am actually having a good time," he said. "This is a lot of fun. I'm playing absolutely great, I like the way I play, like the way the table seems to respect me, maybe even be scared of me because I've been in a lot of pots and done some crazy things in which they don't know what they're up against. I'm picking up a lot of smaller pots and medium sized pots. Obviously the big double up - that helped. So yeah, I'm having a good time. There are only up sides to this."



@Vanessa Selbst: "Got into a whole lot of terrible situations that level. Have exactly avg going into second break of the day."


Number of players left in Main Event: 184


Daniel Negreanu, who got it in needing to dodge eight outs. His hand held, and he's nearing an average stack.